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Unauthorized copy of Zoom Search Engine detected

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  • Unauthorized copy of Zoom Search Engine detected


    We recently purchased Zoom Professional edition and testing on our development site. It seems the Zoom indexer works fine but we are getting this message when we click on the search results -

    Unauthorized copy of Zoom Search Engine detected

    It appears that the website you were at ( is currently using an illegally obtained copy of Zoom Search Engine.


    I did enter the license information correctly in the Zoom indexer, and at the top of the window it says "Professional Edition".

    Can you please advice if we did something wrong? or if any further steps we need to take.

    Thank you.

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    This is a bug in V7 build 1019 to build 1022.

    We've since fixed it in the latest build (V7 build 1023) available here (with more information on the issue):

    Please download and install the fixed build and make sure to RE-ENTER your license key under "Help"->"Enter license key".

    If you continue to have issues, please e-mail us with your details.
    Wrensoft Web Software
    Sydney, Australia
    Zoom Search Engine