Upgrade to Zoom Search Engine V8

Gift iconIf your license of Zoom is still under support, you are eligible for a FREE UPGRADE TO V8. Please login to passmark.com and click 'Manage my products'.

Registered users of older versions of Zoom Search Engine (from Version 3.0 to 7.0) can upgrade to the latest Version 8.0 at a discounted price (see below for details).

You can also find a detail list of new features in Version 8.0 here

Windows logo Zoom Search Engine for Windows

 Upgrade from older version of Zoom Unit price $US Buy
Zoom Search Engine Pro iconUpgrade from V7 or earlier of Zoom (any edition) to:

Zoom V8 Professional Edition for Windows
$125.00 Add to cart
Zoom Search Engine Enterprise iconUpgrade from V7 or earlier of Zoom Enterprise to:

Zoom V8 Enterprise Edition for Windows
$504.00 Add to cart

Upgrading between editions for more capacity

If you already have the latest version (V8) of Zoom, but need to increase the capacity by upgrading to a different edition (see this page for more differences between editions), select from the options below.

 Capacity upgrade for Zoom V8 Unit price $US Buy
Windows logoFrom V8 Professional Edition to V8 Enterprise Edition for Windows$630.00 Add to cart

Contact us for upgrade information.

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