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Latest updates

  • New Windows build: V8.0 build 1019 (7 Feb 2023)
  • New Linux build: V7.1 build 1004 (2 Feb 2018)

Version 8.0 for Windows released! (28 Feb 2019)

The most refined and comprehensive search engine solution yet. Including many requested features such as:

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR): Index and search for text that appear in images and PDF documents (Win 10 only)
  • Multi-threaded Offline Indeixng: Up to 3x faster offline indexing!
  • Broad numeric matching: Allow for better searching of currency values and part numbers (e.g. $12,300.99 will match 12300 and 12300.99)
  • Performance optimizations: Overall indexing speed and memory usage has been optimized, to index more pages and faster than previous versions.
  • New revamped FTP engine featuring SFTP and FTPS (SSL/TLS) support
  • http:// and https:// URL insensitivity: Better support for sites which switch between HTTP and HTTPS.
  • 64-bit indexer is now available in all editions and automatically installed depending on system.
  • Many other bug fixes and improvements.

Version 7.1 for Windows released! (12 Jan 2016)

This free upgrade from V7.0 has increased indexing capacity from 16 million base words to 200 million(!) base words.

We have optimized and refined Zoom V7 to index significantly more content (that's a 12x capacity increase!) and also index much faster than before (up to 5x performance gain).

Along with many bug fixes, improvements for language support and one of the most comprehensive file format support -- Zoom V7.1 is a culmination of over 13 years of continual commitment and development to creating a world-class search engine solution for web developers everywhere, from enthusiasts to professional developers to enterprise sites and Intranets.

Version 7.0 released! (30 April 2014)

Version 7 brings Zoom to a new level of platform flexibility and usage possibilities for all web developers -- from enthusiast web sites to enterprise scale operations.

The indexer is now available for Windows (32-bit and 64-bit), Linux, and Mac OS X. This means you can now manage and index your search engine from any of these platforms, opening up a world of possibilities when installed on the web server**

New search features introduced in V7 include:

  • Autocomplete search box: As you type in the search box, suggestions based on popular searches will appear to autocomplete the query ("Configure"->"Autocomplete")
  • Date range searching: You can now specify a date range at search time with a dropdown date selection box. ("Configure"->"Search Page"->"Enable Date Range searching")
  • No more "Max. unique words" limit: We've made some big changes in the engine to allow for dynamic allocation of memory for unique words. This is much more memory efficient for everybody, but most importantly, a big benefit for people who find it hard to determine the number of unique words needed for their site (previously requiring many attempts at indexing).
  • PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT (and all supported file formats) indexing now available for Free Edition!
  • Built-in plugin support: Plugins are no longer a separate download and are available with every edition.
  • Standard Edition discontinued: Please see new edition details. Users eligible for a free upgrade from V6 Standard Edition, will get a free upgrade to V7 Pro Edition.
  • Improved ASP.NET Server Control supporting postbacks and viewstates (download V7 ASP.NET Server Control here). Only needed if you are using the ASP.NET platform option.
  • Email file formats now supported (.PST, .MBOX, .DBX, .EML, .MSG). Useful for Intranet search engines.
  • URL indexing: Now indexing the URL (domain name) and the path (folder names) in the URL. ("Configure"->"Indexing options")
  • Search by site: Now supporting "site:" and "url:" search syntax, e.g. a search for "beagle site:mydogs.com" will search for all beagles on the mydogs.com domain only.
  • Domain diversity: Ensure the first 3 results come from different domains ("Configure"->"Search Page"). Useful for search engines indexing more than one site.
  • Scan files with unknown extensions: Analyzes files of unrecognizable file extensions to determine how to index them. Useful on "deep searching" external web sites.
  • OpenDocument support: Supports OpenOffice/KOffice/GoogleOffice, etc. files.
  • Media file support: Supports indexing meta data from AVI, WMV, MPG, RMV, FLV, MOV, QT, WAV files.
  • Page and folder skip list now has a case insensitive option as popularly requested
  • Plugin timeout allows you to force abort processing a file if the plugin takes too long to complete (usually due to a corrupt or problematic file)
  • Scan file with unknown extensions will analyse any unrecognized file extension and attempt to index it accordingly (e.g. can detect a JPEG that has been misnamed as a .bin, etc.)
  • Results can now be sorted by Relevancy, Date (newest first) and Date (oldest first) with a user configurable default
  • Index options for URL domain and URL path: Search for words that appear within the URL or folder name.
  • Can now be configured to index e-mail addresses (Word join rules: @ sign and dots)
  • Improved automatic cookie-based login: You can specify additional parameters (besides the login and password) to login to a form-based / cookie / session based login page. This allows you to login to most form based secured web sites.
  • New HTTP engine for Spider Mode crawling. Faster and uses less memory than previous HTTP engine.
  • SSL and HTTPS now supported in Spider Mode.
  • Integrated Windows Authentication (NTLM) supported
  • Improved spider crawling and indexing engine: Finds more links, crawls faster, uses less memory.
  • Improved performance in offline indexing: plugin supported file format indexing is much faster than before, particularly for larger files.
  • Improved spelling suggestions for words with more than 3 syllables.
  • Fixed many bugs

** The Linux release can be administered via a web interface, so when installed on a web server, you can manage and re-index your site remotely and on-demand, via the web. The Windows version can also be installed on an IIS server with necessary permissions and Remote Desktop access.

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Version 8.0.1019 (7 Feb 2023)

  • Fixed issue with looping URLs
  • Added support for .desc files for various video and archive files
  • Fixed issue with video .desc option not being saved
  • Add exception for Win32 CGI scripts to not use double slashes for file paths
  • Fixed searchwords logfile pathing for Windows CGI scripts
  • Fixed bug where uploading large index files would timeout but had finished uploading ok
  • Fixed bug where help links did not open to related topic in help file
  • Fixed Zoom Documentation link to open the .exe instead of the old .html files
  • Updated Italian translation

Version 8.0.1018 (1 Jul 2022)

  • Fixed some warnings/notices in the report.php file with newer PHP versions
  • Fixed a FTP bug when uploading huge files
  • Widened FTP folder/path edit box
  • Updated autocomplete dropdown to adjust to resized browser window

Version 8.0.1017 (8 Sep 2021)

  • Improved handling of XML indexing (extended max word length)
  • Fixed bug in PHP script when Domain Diversity is enabled, less number of results may appear on a search page.
  • Fixed corrupt index bug when indexing PST and MSG email archives with header information.
  • Fixed crash bug when indexing some corrupted DOC, PPT or XLS files.
  • Added thread information in debug index log.

Version 8.0.1016 (7 May 2021)

  • Fixed CGI bug with extra text appearing after highlighting
  • Fixed CGI bug with exact phrase searching in meta description
  • Fixed CGI crash bug with exact phrase searches
  • Updated exiftool build

Version 8.0.1015 (11 Jan 2021)

  • Fixed crash bug when exporting recommended links or synonyms.
  • Fixed bug with thumbnail URLs not being resolved correctly when thumbnail (or ZOOMIMAGE) URL is a relative path, and the Base URL is also a relative path.
  • Fixed bug with FTP upload menu shortcut

Version 8.0.1014 (16 Dec 2020)

  • Fixed bug with redirects causing duplicate URLs to be indexed.
  • Fixed bugs relating to the following error messages: 'Error: 7z.dll has not been initialized' and 'Error: Failed to load C:\Program Files\7z64.dll'
  • Fixed bug when 'Parse for links in JavaScript code' is enabled, causing ZOOMIMAGE meta tag to be ignored.

Version 8.0.1013 (16 Nov 2020)

  • Added indexing of headers and footers in DOCX files.
  • Fixed bug with 'Parse for links in JS' causing ZOOMIMAGE meta tags to be ignored.

Version 8.0.1012 (3 Aug 2020)

  • Fixed bug with redirect loop detection.
  • Fixed crash bug when importing synonyms, categories and recommended links.
  • Fixed crash bug when indexing smaler binary files in multiple threads.
  • Fixed index corruption bug when custom meta field (text type) is longer than 255 characters.
  • Fixed indexing speed when indexing video files.
  • Added support for indexing HEIC and HEIF files.
  • Fixed issues with indexing GPS information from image files.
  • Fixed PHP bug with recommended links when searching with wildcards.
  • Fixed PHP notice issues on PHP 7.4 ("Notice: Trying to access array offset on value of type null...")

Version 8.0.1011 (31 Mar 2020)

  • Added handling for relative path value for BASE tag (e.g. <base href="/" />)
  • Fixed bug with failed redirect on some IIS servers ("Invalid URL redirection to: ")
  • Fixed bug with "Skipping directory" messages for files in offline mode
  • Updated PDF indexing algorithm to exclude file from OCR if text layer is sufficient (to avoid excessive OCR swamping results)

Version 8.0.1010 (5 Mar 2020)

  • Fixed bug (PHP and ASP platforms only) when indexing custom meta field of text type with long entries and non-alphanumeric characters.
  • Fixed bugs with exiftool timeout and plugin temp files not being removed
  • Improved speed of large binary file string extraction
  • Fixed crash bug with indexing MP3 files and extracting from id3v2.3 meta information.
  • Fixed bugs with indexing ZIP file within ZIP file within ZIP file.
  • Fixed bugs with indexing emails.
  • Fixed 'invalid log' bug in reports.php script when handling long log entries.
  • Fixed non HTTPS info link in PHP, ASP and JS

Version 8.0.1009 (7 Jan 2020)

  • Added support for indexing Creation Date and Modified Date stored within PDF document properties.
  • Fixed PHP script deprecation warnings on PHP 7.4 (e.g. 'Deprecated: Array and string offset access syntax with curly braces...', 'get_magic_quotes_gpc', etc.)
  • Fixed bug with large indexes (over 2 million unique words)
  • Fixed bug with autocomplete feature failing to load searchwords log file over https:// URLs.
  • Fixed bug with indexing unrecognizable file types as plain text (causing too many unique words)
  • Fixed bug with indexing MBOX files twice when .MSF file encountered with multi-threaded indexing.

Version 8.0.1008 (22 Oct 2019)

  • Fixed bug with Console Mode not displaying log messages when calling ZoomIndexer.exe
  • Fixed bug with corrupted log messages in Console Mode
  • Changed handling of Apostrophe as word join character. It is now disallowed as prefix for words.

Version 8.0.1007 (18 Sep 2019)

  • Fixed bug with Status tab not updating during indexing.
  • Added handling for .dotm, .docm, .pptm, .xlsxm and other Macro enabled Office 2007 file extensions.

Version 8.0.1006 (6 Sep 2019)

  • Added 'Test' button for Cookie Authentication settings. This allows you to immediately test your login details and see the HTML response from the server.
  • Fixed bug with 'Could not recognize OOXML...' error when indexing XLSX files that do not contain any text (e.g. blank spreadsheets or containing only numbers)
  • Fixed bug with sporadic 'Could not open OOXML...' errors when indexing Office 2007 files (XLSX, DOCX, PPTX) in multi-threaded Offline indexing.
  • Fixed bug with search.cgi error 'Missing text in the settings.zdat file' when using Dutch language file.

Version 8.0.1005 (13 Aug 2019)

  • Improved indexing of filenames so that you can search for filetypes with wildcards such as *.jpg
  • Fixed extension count in Indexing Summary for container files
  • Fixed crash bug when using multiple threads, HTTP authentication and robots.txt
  • Fixed bug with HTML code appearing in search result context description for PDF files indexed in Spider Mode.
  • Fixed crash bug when copying Log to clipboard.

Version 8.0.1004 (24 Jun 2019)

  • Fixed bug with many incorrect categories matching for files.

Version 8.0.1003 (5 Jun 2019)

  • Fixed bug with categories with JavaScript platform option
  • Discontinued support for the ASP.NET platform option. More information here. Note that you can still index ASP.NET (.aspx) sites with Zoom.

Version 8.0.1002 (10 Apr 2019)

  • Fixed bug with file names not being indexed for PDF and other plugin processed file types.
  • Fixed bug with FTP uploading on servers not supporting tilde (~) home directories.
  • Fixed bug with not saving FTPS setting in ZCFG file.

Version 8.0.1001 (21 Mar 2019)

  • Fixed bug with Log not redrawing when indexing is paused and the window is resized.
  • Fixed bugs with FTP upload feature: failed to change permission on Windows servers not supporting tilde operator
  • Fixed bug with FTP cancel (previous build did not abort upload immediately and caused problems with subsequent uploads)
  • Fixed bug with FTP GUI responsiveness

Version 8.0.1000 (28 Feb 2019)

  • See major release notes under 'General'
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Version 7.1.1004 (2 February 2018)

  • Improved performance of parsing links from XML files (and unformatted text)
  • Fixed bug with parsing URLs in sitemap XML (causing ">/loc" to appear at end of URLs)
  • Fixed bug causing some URLs to be omitted when parsing XML or unformatted text
  • Fixed bug when indexing some invalid skipped words
  • Fixed error message for blacklisted extensions
  • Fixed overflow crash bug caused by illegally long filenames in ZIP files.
  • Fixed crash bug with start point URLs that are not percent encoded.
  • Fixed bug with not crawling links in XML files when "Follow links only" spider type setting is used.
  • Fixed CGI crash bug when using domain diversity.
  • Added XML file type indexing support.
  • Added support for crawling links from XML files.
  • Fixed missing Domain Diversity functionality in search CGI.
  • Fixed bug with handling Big-5 characters in search CGI.
  • Fixed bugs with context description punctuation spacing.
  • Added 'us-ascii' code page support.
  • Added handling for non-displayable characters in PDF files. This fixes issues with them being shown in UTF-8 search results.
  • Fixed crash bug due to spelling suggestions.
  • Fixed bug in JavaScript search which fails to match recommended link phrases created with uppercase characters.

Version 7.1.1003 (11 July 2017)

  • Fixed crash bug with spelling suggestions feature enabled.
  • Fixed rare behaviour on servers with particular versions of libraries installed which caused some words to be truncated unexpectedly.

Version 7.1.1002 (22 May 2017)

  • From 3/May/2017 forward, Zoom For Linux is only available under a Server License which is designed to run on web servers and allows you to host the indexer on multiple machines within one organisation. More information here.
  • Single user desktop licenses for Zoom for Linux has been discontinued due to the complexity of the support environment. However, all existing single user licenses of Zoom For Linux has been automatically upgraded to a Server License.
  • Fixed bug with PHP script spelling suggestion based on stemmed words.
  • Added support for UTF-8 punctuation entities, e.g. &mdash; and &ndash;
  • Added handling for failing to connect to proxy server.
  • Fixed context description spacing for stand-alone punctuation characters (e.g. Bob & Pete). Requires re-indexing.
  • Fixed CGI crash bug when wildcard matching with word where the last character is UTF-8 encoded.
  • Fixed bug with MP3 meta information and MP3 technical data options.
  • Added option to index meta tags outside of <head>...</head> tags.
  • Fixed CGI handling of wildcard search queries and UTF-8 characters.
  • Added configurable Indexing Options for HTML5 tags <header>, <footer>, <nav>, <article>, and <section>. Default to not index (but follow links from) header, footer, and nav tags.
  • Fixed bug with ASP search script when searching for words containing '+' character when '+' is enabled for word joining.
  • Fixed HTML validation issue for 'zoom_match' label with PHP and ASP scripts.
  • Fixed bug with decoding HTML hexadecimal entities (e.g. α)

Version 7.1.1001 (23 Nov 2016)

  • Improved spelling suggestions for PHP, CGI and ASP.NET
  • Fixed bug with DOC/PPT/XLS files having "Last Modified" field indexed as "Author". Will now prioritize "Author" and only index "Last Modified" if author field is empty.
  • Fixed meta data indexing of Word DOC documents
  • Fixed matching and highlighting bug with exact phrases containing punctuation marks in CGI.
  • Fixed fseek bug with PHP search script.
  • Fixed crash bug with additional start folders (Offline Mode) longer than 260 characters.
  • Fixed bug when indexing invalid file formats (e.g. .pptx file named as .ppt) causing wrong content to be indexed.
  • Fixed bug in autocomplete scripts with 'Enter' key
  • Improved autocomplete script handling with keyboard controls (up/down scrolls dropdown list)
  • Fixed crash bug in Offline Mode when additional start point has a base URL longer than 260 characters.
  • Fixed bug with CGI 'Sort by date' link.
  • Increased tolerance for slow launch of core engine due to extremely slow computers or Virtual Machines.
  • Fixed bug with HTTP download timeout causing downloads over 1 minute to be terminated. Now it will correctly only timeout based on traffic inactivity.
  • Fixed bug with thread download progress not updating on Status tab.
  • Fixed PHP and ASP bug with context description when using 'Ensure Domain Diversity'
  • Fixed JavaScript bug with first recommended link
  • Fixed more path length issues with attachments, mboxes and archives.
  • Fixed crash bug when XLS file has inconsistent format data
  • Added exif image handling for 'Camera Make Model' and 'GPS Date/time', 'GPS latitude' and 'GPS longitude'
  • Fixed bug with failing to index offline paths longer than 256 characters.
  • Fixed bug with word Score scaling which capped score when many occurrences of the word is found
  • Fixed bug with 'Max. results per query' limit not being applied in PHP and ASP search results
  • Fixed bugs with exact phrase highlighting in CGI search results
  • Fixed bug with encoding URLs containing space characters
  • Fixed CGI and ASP.NET bug with garbled titles or descriptions when exact phrase query matches partially and highlighting is enabled.

Version 7.1.1000b (31 Mar 2016)

  • Fixed issue with 32-bit ZoomEngine not starting on some newer distributions.

Version 7.1.1000 (17 Feb 2016)

  • New index format increases maximum unique words capacity from 16 million to 200 million. Note: index files created with V7.1 are not compatible with V7.0 CGIs.
  • Added support for indexing ZIP files compresed with compression methods besides DEFLATE. (e.g. IMPLODE)
  • Fixed crash bug when Content-Type header from server is empty.
  • Updated accent character map for Romanian characters
  • Fixed bug when indexing files with 'Scan files with unknown extensions' enabled and Zoom fails to recognize the file type being defaulted to HTML.
  • Fixed bug with memory usage estimation.
  • Added retry functionality for incremental file operations to avoid conflicting processes (e.g. search process) holding the file open and disrupting the incremental index at the end.
  • Fixed HTML validation issues in PHP and ASP output.
  • Fixed crash bug with incremental indexing
  • Fixed crash bug when percent encoding URLs

Version 7.0.1009 (10 Aug 2015)

  • Fixed bug with image meta information indexing.
  • Fixed bugs with missing file type selection for video, gzip, and tar.
  • Changed Scan Options configuration page to allow easier access to File Types Configuration, and better correspond to Windows and Mac GUI.
  • Fixed bug with log and status update.

Version 7.0.1008 (6 Aug 2015)

  • Added Autocomplete feature to include words indexed/extracted from Page Title and Meta Descriptions.
  • Changed web GUI to report the version and build number from core engine executable
  • Updated ZLANG language files
  • Fixed bug with image meta indexing
  • Fixed bugs with log and status not updating in Chrome
  • Updated statistics log report PHP script
  • Fixed bug with indexing file:// links in Spider Mode (causing empty 'Skipped' log messages)
  • Added error message for meta names containing space characters.
  • Fixed bug with Automatic Cookie-based Authentication (Form Login) when login page returns HTTP 303 code.
  • Fixed bug with indexing PDF files with no titles in Offline Mode (incorrectly showing offline path as title)
  • Fixed syntax bug with ASP script.
  • Fixed bug with CGI autocomplete AJAX URL.
  • Fixed bug with indexing recursive ZIP files (ZIP files within ZIP files)
  • Fixed bug in PHP and ASP script with wildcard searches for words containing numbers or zero variants.
  • Changed ASP codepage compatibility behaviour based on Charset Enforcing setting
  • Fixed bug with cookie-based authentication
  • Fixed output escaping bug in PHP and ASP script with custom meta fields.
  • Fixed crashes when indexing corrupt PPT, DOC and Excel files.
  • Fixed corrupt index bug with some file (PDF, DOCs) titles containing unexpected characters.
  • Added handling for HTTP 307
  • Added handling for redirect URL to be blank
  • Added debug messages for parsing log file for autocomplete
  • Added handling for 'Title' and 'Headline' in image EXIF header

Version 7.0.1007 (24 April 2015)

  • Fixed crash bug during autocomplete file creation when parsing a searchwords.log file.
  • Fixed intermittent license key issue
  • Added handling for HTTP Status 307
  • Fixed various other memory bugs.

Version 7.0.1006 (2 April 2015)

  • Restored the missing Autocomplete feature.
  • Fixed crash bug with empty Redirect location destination.
  • Fixed bug with running from different location (previously hard coded to run from one location within zoom_defines.php)
  • Fixed percent decoding in UTF-8.
  • Fixed exact phrase searching bug for certain HTML and PPTX output.
  • Fixed many other bugs (as noted in Windows release since Feb 2015)

Version 7.0.1005 (11 February 2015)

  • Configuration;
    The "Start options" will now be displayed by default when opening config.php
    When saving a config file if config.php fails to redirect to ZoomIndexer.php a hyperlink to the page will now be displayed
    If the config.php is reloaded or accessed directly instead of using a default config name a warning and a link to ZoomIndexer.php will now be displayed
  • Configuration (Limits);
    Added extra optimsation levels for consistency
    Added "Limit URLs visited per start point" setting
    Improved the warning messages for licencing and hardware limitations
    Limits in the free edition are no longer editable for consistency
  • Changed build environment so more Linux system are now supported, see revised system requirements
  • Increased the speed of processing the log snapshot messages so it should be more responsive during large indexes
  • Fixed some caching issues that were preventing the indexing statistics and log display from updating properly when using Internet Explorer
  • Fixed a bug where unicode comments in MP3 files were not being indexed correctly
  • Fixed a possible crash during the indexing of MP3 files
  • Fixed a bug in the advanced start point options where the weighting value was not being saved correctly when an item was first created
  • Fixed bug with indexing DOC, ODT, RTF, and DOCX formats
  • Fixed many other bugs (as noted in Windows release since September 2014)

Version 7.0.1004 (18 September 2014)

  • Configuration;
    Added Autocomplete options
  • Configuration (Spider options);
    Added proxy server settings
  • Configuration (Limits);
    Fixed a JavaScript error that was causing the estimated ram use to not be calculated and displayed on page load
  • Updated the pdftotext, officexplugin, swf2html and odt2txt plugins for 64bit
  • Updated ZoomEngine64 to call the new 64bit plugins
  • Fixed a warning message that could erroneously appear about a missing XLS plugin
  • Added proxy server setting for spider crawler (now necessary, and no longer using IE/WinInet proxy settings).
  • Fixed crash bug when 'Max. number of words to index for this page has been reached'
  • Added support for form login mechanisms which require double requests to the initial page (follow redirect to self).
  • Fixed bug 'Failed to scan file' error message when wrongly named file is successfully re-indexed with analysis/determined format.
  • Fixed bug with 'Support single case languages' option when substring match is enabled in CGI and PHP.
  • Fixed support for versions of PHP earlier than 5.1.2 (i.e. PHP 4.2 to PHP 5.1.0)
  • Fixed bug with forward slashes in URLs when indexing in Offline Mode.
  • Fixed bug with not identifying ZIP files that have been misnamed when using the "Scan unknown files" feature.
  • Updated HTTP library fixing many bugs (some of which caused crashes during long indexing sessions) used in Spider Mode.
  • Fixed bugs with CRC detection on some Unicode characters (e.g. Chinese) which caused the page to be falsely identified as identical by the duplicate page detection feature.
  • Removed use of binary CRC for HTML pages. Content CRC is still applied.
  • Fixed crash bug when determining thumbnail URL for file with no extension which is a plugin file but indexing filename only.

Version 7.0.1003 (18 July 2014)

  • There are now 32bit and 64bit ZoomEngine executables included in the install package. The PHP interface should automatically choose which one to use based on machine architecture.
  • Linux CGI search has been updated to include a 64bit version
  • Configuration (Languages);
    Added "Support latin ligatures" option
  • Configuration (Limits);
    Added "Max word length" option (Pro and Enterprise only)
  • Moved the doctotext, xlstotext and ppttotext plugins into the internal Zoom engine so these external plugins no longer need to be used
  • Console mode command line flags added (-c and -autorun) so zoom can be run as a scheduled cron job
  • Updated the help file with how to schedule Zoom to be automatically run
  • Added a warning message if attempting to use the Linux version of Zoom on a non-Linux system
  • Fixed bug with stemming (causing many words to be stemmed by their starting character)
  • Fixed Javascript bug with date range controls appearing despite date range disabled
  • Fixed PHP script compatibility with PHP 4.2.
  • Fixed broken HTML for meta information for Word (DOC, DOT) documents. This caused "Suspected invalid HTML..." errors.
  • Added extracting and parsing of meta information for PPT and XLS files.
  • Improved handling of PPT and XLS output (increased indexing speed)
  • Fixed bug with many PPT and XLS files failing CRC checks.
  • Fixed crash bug with XLS files when label length is zero.

Version 7.0.1002 (5 June 2014)

  • Fixed registration problems. Now reporting error if there are issues with registration.

Version 7.0.1001 (4 June 2014)

  • Registration user name and zoom edition is now displayed in the header of the main and config pages
  • Log snapshot view background colour is now the full length of the line to match full log view
  • Added a separate error message when clicking the start button and Zoom fails to launch due to missing system libraries
  • Made some changes to installer script to check for required libraries
  • Configuration (start options);
    Added "ASP.NET" platform option
  • Configuration (search page);
    "Limit files for this start point" will now only accept numbers
    Added domain name diversity option
    Added default sort results option to Sort results by date
    Added date range sorting options
  • Configuration (limits);
    Added max results per query option Changed max unique words to be an optional limit
  • Configuration (Advanced start point options);
    Added default start point from start options page as first entry in list, can now change start point options for this entry
    Now will switch between spider mode and offline mode dynamically (not only when loading config)
  • Fixed a missing configuration value (MAXRESULTSPERQUERY) that was causing an error message when searching using CGI. Affected configuration files will need to be opened and resaved.
  • Help file updates
  • Added "latin o with diacritic tilde" (õ) to accent/diacritic insensitivity feature.
  • Fixed support for indexing DOC files and RTF files. Now using textutil.
  • Fixed bug with indexing ZIP files.
  • Fixed support for Unicode characters.
  • Fixed diacritic/accent insensitivity.

Version 7.0.1000 (30 Apr 2014)

  • Initial V7 release. See "General" tab for more information.

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