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"Just wanted to extend my thanks on quite simply a fantastic product. We've tried a number of search engines and the Zoom Search Engine is by far the easiest, but most comprehensive we've tried. I have a customised search facility with automated indexing setup in thirty minutes. Stunning." -- David West, Blue Eye Media Limited

"After almost a year worth of painful searching and downloads for a Search engine tool, I discovered Zoom. About 3-4 months ago, I downloaded your free version with the intent of “evaluating” the application as I did with probably 15 others. There's one thing that I have to say. Your application, it's flow and the search engine it created on my first trial blew me away. You have a truly wonderful product that is well rounded and tested with all technologies, with the options and a fair price for scalability. That's what good companies and good software is all about ... Thank you once again for making a truly wonderful product which deserves every bit of recognition. -- Joe Thomas, D2S Technologies

"I've been using Zoom Search for a couple of years, and I think it's one of the best software products I've ever used. At home I use it to provide search on my CD-ROM photo albums - outstanding. At work I use it to provide search on our intranet - it provides 90-95% of the functionality we got from Verity, at 1-2% (that's not a typo - one or two percent) of the overhead. Terrific." -- Michael Starr, MTV Networks

"I just want to say one thing, I am really IMPRESSD! I have tested the new version, and push it to the limits, its really rocking this type of application to a new level! ... I can’t keep my hands down when I am running the new version, it’s really the Rolls Royce off all indexing/search software that I have been using the last four years. You have my deepest respect!" -- Ulrik Hansen, BeeOS

"Im very impressed by how 'smart' your search engine is ... love the phrase suggestions." -- John Brown, Panasonic Electric Works Corporation of America

"You guy are the best. Best support. Best product. Very helpful. " -- Huy Ngo, Abbott Laboratories

"You will be please to hear that we have launched our Intranet site with your Zoom search engine to the approval of our 8,500 employees. Thank you for your assistance with the T&Cs and support when we needed it." -- Paul Player

"I'm so glad I stumbled across this piece of software after Googling for an text indexing engine for web sites. When I showed it to users, they think I'm so much smarter than I really am for setting it up so quickly. The zoom application setup just did everything I needed with the push of a button!" -- Mary Steiert, Anchorage Daily News

"I’ve managed to setup a .NET search page in about 30minutes using your Zoom product. Totally amazing." -- Darren James, bd-ntwk

"I had to write and tell you how pleased I was with the Zoom search engine. I purchased your software this morning, and after an hour or so to read the manual, set up our custom template, index our site (that step only took a few minutes), a little testing and refining, we are up and running. Very impressive! We looked at other systems and had used Atomz in the past, but your search software does everything theirs does for considerably less money." -- Kent, SitStay.com

"Zoom Search is cost effective, easy to use, powerful and packed full of features. We'd almost given up on finding an affordable search that indexes PDFs, Word documents and other files. Then we found Zoom Search and it's now something we couldn't do without."-- Kieren Jameson, Sr. Web Designer, ETR Associates

"I will be recommending that we buy a copy for one simple reason. I have only once looked at any search engine and have no previous skills in this area. I downloaded the free version of ZoomSearch and had it running within about 10 minutes. That means a lot of good thinking on your part so thanks for that." -- Peter Grainge, CedarOpenAccounts

"Zoom Search is an excellent find for our company, and is really saving our necks ... Our organization has used the free Atomz Search system for about 3 years now. On Friday September 24th, they announced that ... they would be placing Google ads in their free search pages. Since the only other package they have is $5,000 a year, we had to switch off them fast. We found you in Google, and we're so glad we did. We've implemented Zoom Search in all three of our brand sites (marklevinson.com, lexicon.com, and revelspeakers.com) in just two days. Thanks for making a tool that is easy to use and works fast and accurately. We love it." -- John Rotondo, Harmen Specialty Group

"I am very excited about the Zoom Search (ASP subset), it set up like a dream, has a zillion options on the Windows portion of the software ..., it also looks most professional and it really works! I've spent hours trying to develop my own site search engine for my clients, I guess I can quit now! Great work Wrensoft!" -- Robert Nurss Jr., The Art Continuum.

"I've been looking for a Search Engine for one of my client's web sites for several weeks. I chose Zoom for several reasons - mostly because it would do exactly what I needed. I have to say that your web site is very detailed and I was able to find the information I needed to make an informed decision. Your competition could take a lesson from you on web site design! It only took me a couple of hours to download, install and customize Zoom. Very impressive! The Users Guide was easy to follow. The software was easy to use. Even customizing the search page was simple. I will be back as a repeat customer whenever one of my clients needs and in-site search engine." -- Karen Davis, Aggressive Cybertizing Inc.

"I just wanted to pass on my thanks and the thanks of my colleagues; your search product is second to none and has rapidly become an invaluable part of our websites. Your CGI search implementation has been a life-saver as we look towards the launch of a new site in mid-August." -- Dave Morales, TNCC

"This software is just absolutely fantastic. It's so clever, reliable, brilliant and easy to use. You thought of everything ... It saved my day. And will do so again in the future." -- Dennis Lodewijks

"I have to say I was soooo impressed with the software. - I got my copy at about 5pm and by 8pm I'd installed it onto all the sites with a complete up-to-date index of the entire network to accompany each. As far as IT goes, that was the stuff that dreams are made of! I'd previous spent two weeks trying to get rival scripts just to function, let alone finished and live! I'm very happy for you to use our network as an example as I really want you to get loads of business and get all the just rewards you deserve for coming up with such an A-list product. You've saved me weeks of headaches!!! ... [I'm running] a PHP/MySQL powered store - unlike other solutions I tried Zoom didn't get hung up on variables and fill the results with nonsense duplicates AND it's been easy to nicely weight some of the pages to rank well in the search results for all sites. Again another clear commercial plus point." -- Danielle Richwoods, MRMedia Group

"I must say the power of this search engine is awesome. I am glad I found it because I was close to give up." -- Sigridur Kristjansdottir

"A few days ago I purchased your software, and to be honest with you I was a bit skeptical. That's because I tried 2 other search engine software before (including **** ***** v2) and I ended up with a lot of headaches. So I kept reverting back to my initial search engine hosted by a third party (Atomz.com). Anyway, the purpose for this e-mail is to let you know that your software is brilliant. Your nifty 1 MB file is very easy to use. I have intensively tested your Zoom Search on my site and it's very fast and accurate." -- Danyel Seagan

"I think the product is incredible. I have been very, very pleased and plan to use it on all of our Windows based projects in the future." -- David Baker, Joyce-Dayton

"Just wanted to say thanks for offering this free and super easy search engine. This was the easiest thing to set up and works like a charm and just like Google (like you said). I will be sure to recommend you to everyone of my design friends. I have looked high and low to find a product this good. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work." -- Chris McAndrew

"First, let me tell you that I am very happy with your software. It works very well and your website provides lots of support. I had already analyzed two other search engines before I tried yours and the decision to switch was easy. I am also happy that the licensing allows me to apply this to multiple sites. Keep up the good work! " -- Eric Hammes, Broomtree

"Zoom is such a brilliant product and I enthusiastically promote its use to all my clients whenever I can. It's my search engine of choice for all the sites I create because of it's excellent value, ease of use and amazing versatility. I'm so glad I found it - you won't be disappointed! " -- Rob Curry, Very Sensible Web Development

"I’m thrilled to have found your product. It was recommended to me by a colleague on the DC Web Women e-mail list and it quickly resolved a problem I lacked the time and expertise to solve on my own. It integrates beautifully with our Web site and was easy to implement. THANK YOU for putting this product out and for all your good help." -- Meredith Mengel, American Orthotic & Prosphetic Association

"I just wanted to voice my appreciation for an excellent product - initially I purchased "**** ****" and quickly found out how poor a product it [the competing product] was. I came across your product this morning and have just installed it. It's absolutely brilliant/seamless/simple yet functional, thank you so much for providing a quality product unlike so many of your competitors." -- James Dykes, edwardjames.com.au

"So far, I am very impressed with the new version. The image search and thumbnail insertion into the listings is awesome! I love the icon's that can be programmed to appear too! Keep up the great work!!" -- Shawn Oatley, niagarafalls.ca

"I wanted to thank you for your great product… it has made my life easier!! Its flexible, powerful and reasonably priced. Our site is fairly complex with the ability to add categories.. Its makes it so that the site browser can separate and search by each product type. Also by adding synonyms… common miss-spellings can be added. Also… its really nice to get the kind of support that you offer to include email and forums. Nothing worse than buying software and the vendor don't or wont offer support. You all are on the ball! I love it as a PHP programmer and the users love it because its intuitive!!! Its great!! Thanks for the great work on this product. I look forward to upgrade and new products by Wrensoft. Thanks again!" -- Terry Remsik

"I'd also like to let you know how glad I am that I found your software - the other programs I tested don't even come close to what you guys have produced." -- Jodi Storozenko, CDX Global

"After using the free version for a few hours and seeing how well it works (best I have ever seen and I have looked at many) I will purchase the pro version right after morning coffee. Great job, excellent coding, even better is the great user’s guide." -- Bob Orsillo

"We have your zoomsearch 4.2. It was just about the only script we ever installed without problems." -- National Media Organization

"After trying several packages, I was happy to find your product. It really works great and is easy to implement." -- Joohan Meerkerk, Nymphaea Support

"After stuffing around with other packages, yours really is the easiest and best.
Please add our site to your satisfied customer list"
-- The Team @ uniquecarsandparts.com.au

"Zoom Search is worth every dollar and than some." -- Ramon Mortera

"I've installed and configured your Zoom search engine. I have to say that it's very impressive peace of software. I had it installed, customized and running on 2 sites in just a couple of hours." -- Yuriy Martsynovskyy, Deep Software Inc.

"Your software is only matched by your level of customer service...and your
software is top notch if that gives you an idea! ... I will recommend your software to all of my colleagues who are looking for a system such as yours."
-- Jeffrey S. Anderson, CQC International, LLC.

"I purchased the zoom professional version after purchasing 5 others. What sold me on your software was the jump to match feature. It's enabled on my site. Your software is so easy to use and I recommend it everyone." -- Bill's Links and More

"I am very very happy with zoom. It is an excellent product. I am just in the throws of getting it set as I want it. It really is easy to set up too, even with all the pages I have to index. Now why didn't I use this before? ... Not only is Zoom an excellent product but the after sales support is second to none. Pity other products don't take a leaf out of your book." -- Len Smith, worldwar2exraf.co.uk

"I rarely send comments to vendors about their products, but Zoom is worthy of praise. It is an excellent product. The features, documentation, and support area are comprehensive so setup was easy. Even though you provided no code examples for ColdFusion, I was able to develop a solution for my site by using your PHP and ASP code examples for initial guidance. The price is excellent. We just saved several hundred dollars that we formerly spent on a hosted search solution. " -- Amy Adler, Community Associations Institute (CAI)

"Have to say I've been very consistently please with Zoom Search Engine.
Works well from the webmaster's and users' perspectives."
-- David Hager, M.D.

"I just had to write to thank you for the Zoom search engine. I've been very happy with the software (I had dreamed of a site specific engine for years before finding Zoom - it really was everything I had wished for). Today I have another reason to be grateful for the software. One of the websites I work with is a church website. My pastor wanted me to do a walk-through of the website for the congregation. The church doesn't have an Internet connection in the sanctuary yet ;-) but I figured that was no problem; I could put the website on a CD . I wasn't sure if I would be able to demonstrate the search function, but that also proved to be no problem. I had to do a little reading and tweaking, but in a relatively short time, I had a functioning Zoom search engine for the website on my CD. Wonderful! So now I have yet another reason to be happy with Zoom. Thank you, thank you, thank you! :-)" -- Susan Stafford

"We recently tried and purchased ZOOM for a site that we redeveloped. Hands-down ZOOM is the best search software we've found. It was so easy to install and the configuration options are fantastic! We were able to tailor the search for the client to include or exclude everything they wanted. Great documentation as well. I wish we had found you a long time ago. Nothing we've tried so far has worked so well for our clients. For clients who want to manage/update their own searches, we'll send them your way for the license. There is no need to waste time using anything else! Thanks much!" -- Jamie Booth, WebKor International

"Like many other of your customers I have searched high and low for a search engine that was value for money, straightforward to implement, customisable and well coded. So thank you very much indeed for a great product." -- Rod Bailey, Hammonds UK

"Finally, I found a program that does what I want it to do and it actually works. I will get the pro version today, I will battle with the other company to get my refund back." -- Andy Bruno, Interact With Us

"I have to say, this is one of those rare occurances where I an genuinely surprised and impressed with a software package. It works well, is very intuitive (from a developer's perspective). Well done!" -- Chris Brinkman

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Awards and Reviews

"Zoom Search Engine has nice features that help it stand out in a bleak, speed-conscious, and all-purpose search indexing world — and it works without a hitch." - Ahmad Permessur, Editor - HotScripts.com, July 2011

"Today's Featured Download" for Wednesday, August 17, 2005 on TechWeb's Network Computing IT PRO Downloads site (itprodownloads.com)

Reviewed by Bob Schwabach in the syndicated newspaper column, "On Computers" (June 2004):
"Our site, like many others, was created using Microsoft FrontPage, by far the leading web site creation software. But the search engine that comes with FrontPage is primitive. What we got from switching to Zoom Search was not only far better searches but results that include the all-important context around the words being searched. That way you can tell if the search result is what you were actually looking for. Zoom, like most search engine software, can be installed on CDs and other media as well as web sites. This makes large amounts of material searchable offline."

Slaughter pick Pick of the day (17/April/2001) at slaughterhouse - An extract from their review:
"Solutions to your search engine needs run the gamut from expensive server side software that you have to install down to third party web sites that handle the search functions for free in return for ad placements on the results page. Depending on your requirements and cash flow you could probably find a workable solution from the choices above, but why settle for that? Wrensoft Zoom gives you the best of both worlds, low cost, with full control over how your search engine works."

"Because the results are already indexed, when someone does a search the results are near instantaneous."

"... it works pretty much right out of the box so to speak so it's mostly just a plug and play type deal. If all that doesn't convince you then the price should."

Brothersoft ratingBrotherSoft Review Staff gave Zoom a 5 out of 5 rating because "... this product is easy to use, it has a professional-looking interface, it is excellent compared to other programs in this section."

Other awards we have received:

File Transit 5 stars    No Nags 5 stars    Top shareware award    Download Blast good    5 pick    Geek files 4 stars    Hotscripts Badge


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