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"I implemented V4 of Zoom ‐ and it was much easier than I thought it could be. The new version is much smoother than the old one ‐ it's a brilliant thing!" -- Stefan Baier

"Have to say, this is a fantastic tool and I really can't believe the price!" -- Andy Calloway

"I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the obvious effort that went into your product. It is not often these days that one finds a product that really offers true value, but I believe this is one. As a 25-year veteran programmer myself, I can really appreciate what you have offered, and the pricing model you have established. Keep up the good work, and may God continue to bless your efforts." -- Curtis Gray, Finco Inc.

"I also have to say that I am trying various softwares of all type of genres every week for several years now, your product is very well designed, if not one of the best designed I have come across...kudos to you..." -- Samir Jaffer

"Congratulations on the software. We LOVE the software and have just updated a website for a major Fortune 100 client using it. It is easier to modify the look and feel than any other packages we have integrated into our sites. Since we also release a product CDROM with the information, the ability to have a javascript version on it is great. We are also unique in that we use MAC OSX for most of our work. The fact that we only need to use our PC for indexing is terrific." -- Terry Dollhoff, Digital Brewery

"Thanks for creating such a fine piece of software. It's truly a dream to use and configure. Much better than any search script I've ever tried, and I've tried about all of them." -- Steve Collins, Red Hill General Store

"We get around 60k - 150k unique visitors to our site daily, so the search engine is working like a charm. I have downloaded, installed, tested many search engines, and for the price, this program tops a lot of them. It works great on a large website." -- INT Marketing,

"... Works great! For small websites your search engine is bullet proof. Good job and keep it up! Small websites like mine need software this simple." -- BellSouth

"Simple to set up with clear and concise instructions. Very easy to configure so that even someone who has never seen a PHP script like myself can make slight tweaks. What helps here is the superb and detailed comments within the script itself. The documentation set was way better than many of the most well known and professional packages." -- Paul Hurst

"Have just purchased Zoom. I'm no 'master' just a 'jack-of-all' - it's brilliant and so easy to use." -- Tim Silver

"As a regional road design office, our Intranet is saturated with government documents, most of which are in either Acrobat or MS Word format. By installing Zoom Search with the PDF and DOC plugins, finding documents on our Intranet is now fast and reliable." -- Keith Holmes, Voluntee Engineer, Ethiopia for Voluntary Service Overseas Canada

"... your Zoom Search product is really fantastic. Top notch, easy to use and configure, and effective. So glad I found you guys on the web." -- Bob Alesio

"I also have to say that I am trying various softwares of all type of genres every week for several years now, your product is very well designed, if not one of the best designed I have come across...kudos to you..." -- Samir J

"THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUU! Finally a search tool that works! I have spent so many hours and finally you guys came to the rescue." -- Holly McLaughlin

"Must say this has got to be the best site indexing/search software I've found on the net, and i've been testing quite a few of the others out there." -- Spencer Boydell-Butt

"As a side benefit of your offering your program as free-ware for small users, I knew that with your large base of free users, your program would have been tested for bug by more people than programs that are only run by those who purchase them. Also, I philosophically like your approach to offering a free personal version and charging only those of us who need to use it professionally." -- Howard Sodja

"I tried several other products ... and yours is the only one that gracefully allows results to be reported within a page of the web site. That was a nice touch for me. The others either can't do it, or force the opening of a new window, or force a blank white page with no graphics to report results. Nice job." -- Steven A. Berger

"I have to confess that Zoom is a superb program, and creating the actual scripts as well as doing the spidering (all for free) is a stroke of genius." -- Antony, CD Today

"From one of the web developers: "Dude, that zoom indexer thingie is ROCKIN'!". I'm pretty sure that is a good thing." -- Eric Blanke, ETR Asssociates

"This is the best support I have ever gotten thanks and this is also one of the best software I have seen thanks keep up the good work." -- Jay L. Zimmerman

"I just wanted to let you know that I love the zoom search command function I've just added to Dreamweaver. I purchased the pro license and even though I'm still implementing it throughout my moderately large site, I'm finding it a far superior solution to the cgi script I was using before. For years now, I'd get the script running, and then after a month or two, for some reason it would always stop indexing properly and I'd have to reinstall and set it up all over again. Even when it did work, the output interface, reporting, and general options and ease of use don't some close to zoom search. Great job!" -- Thomas Schueneman,

"Purchased and downloaded your search engine yesterday. Though it took me a few attempts to get it right, (I'm not a techie), I got it working the way I wanted and I have to admit, it's fantastic. Thanks so much for a great product." -- Dave McMullen

"I have never sent a testimonial before but I feel compelled to thank you for creating software that is brilliantly simple and effective. I am computer literate but a relative novice at creating websites. I purchased a competitor product ... which had me tearing my hair out after many hours of experimental failure because I (and my ISP tech support) could not figure out how it handled paths. Even if it had worked, its CD search engines could not cope with wildcards (although this may be changed with current version.) I had looked at other options and was on the verge of giving up when I came across your trial version which I had running successfully within minutes of downloading it. It was truly intuitive and usable without recourse to the help file." -- Daniel Schapira

"The program is excellent ‐ I have passed on the recommendation ... To be honest I've been looking for such a product for about 5 years and yours is street ahead of everyone elses!" -- Francis Creese

"I would just like to say how pleased I am that I purchased Zoom Search Engine. I'm not a programmer, but I have an appreciation of how it works. What a wonderful tool!. Our ISP doesn't allow write permissions so I don't know how our website visitors are using it, but it is useful for me just in maintaining our site. Thank you for producing such a product." -- Tim Silver, Pharmaceutical Machine Sales Ltd.

"I bought your product about a week ago after looking around at several others and an extensive search on the web. I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I like it and commend you on the quality of the product and it's ease of use! Most other products I looked at were over-complicated and over-priced to do the same thing!" -- Todd Porter

"It goes like a rocket with 78,880 pages, 85,662 unique words, and 1.7 million words in total. (I used the zoomstop and zoomrestart tags a lot so that there is very little duplicate content) If your prospective customers need an example ecommerce site to look at then you can direct them to" -- Rod Bland, RamCity

"Thanks for your prompt and helpful response. As well as the excellence of the software itself, I appreciate the quality of the documentation and support you provide - an example that many other software companies could learn from." -- Michel Austin

"I just wanted to thank you for you help...I was able to get the PHP search up and working. Now I am just tweaking my search page and indexing to get the results I want, and will be able to launch it on our site in the next week. I really enjoy working with zoom, and have learned allot about my site. Thank you again!" -- Courtney Wilkinson

"this is by far, the best free search engine out there! Not to forget, its powerfull, and it doesn't NAG!!!
The design, ease of use, and also the fact that they don't try to push you to buy, is whats motivating me to buy the upgrade. (plus i like to support my favorite freeware!) Thanks alot everyone!, and keep up the great work."
-- Nima M.

"We bought the standard version yesterday for checking it out and I have to say that we're impressed! Really, really good job you guys done here, especially with the support files and the configuration application. Well done! :-) We therefore want to upgrade to professional version at once. Just as good, as we're going to use this a lot I can feel. " -- Fredrik Andersson, Allguna Design

"I have to say that you have a wonderful product here. I love the Dreamweaver extension ability and the manual is very well written both in terms of it's clarity and thoroughness. I can not recommend your Zoom
search more highly. It's absolutely brilliant."
-- Gordon MacDonald, City of Moreno Valley

"Today I had the pleasure of trying out your software, Zoom Search Engine. Thanks a lot !! It exactly fulfilled my needs, and was surprisingly easy to handle, even for a no PHP wizard as my self. Please keep it coming, and keep it free for non-commercial use, and rest assure that I'll recommend it to all my friends and business associates. Again 1000x thanks!" -- Jesper Larsen,

"Just what I needed - hands down the best search product on the market." -- Mick Farmer, On Course Consultancy

"i am very impressed with your work. you have eliminated many hassles and headaches i have had. i've been using onsite search scripts since 1995, and nothing compares to this. i've used way too many to count or list ... the flexibility in the indexing options is beyond compare with tools in this price range ... i LOVE LOVE VLOVE LOVE LOVE VLOE DID I SAY LOVE LOVE OR LOVE? MY NEW SEARCH ENGINE!!! one huge reason beyond all others. (and it excels at many many others) i can put any domain i want into it. all the other search engine scripts are setup to search files in one domain. this one is like a mini google spider. i can send it wherever i want!!!! ... it handles message boards, my knowledgebase script, ... this sucker is a weapon. " -- Marty Casado

"I'm an avid customer of yours and use your Zoom Search engine on all of my sites. It's a breeze to use and your log files help me determine what pages I need to add based on what people are searching for on my sites. Thanks a bunch for the great service!" -- Brendan Monahan, Commercial Property Appraisal

"We wanted a search engine to add to our website. We bought Zoom Search and we are happy of our choice. First of all, since we have a bilingual site, the software allowed us to create separate database as to keep the results more persistent. The software to spider the site is very easy and intuitive. It already creates the asp or php file you need to put on your website. We decided to customize the asp code and the result was an engine beautifully integrated in our design. Thanks to the logs, we know what the people are searching and when to add new content because their result gave zero results. I definitely recommend this product." - Vittorio Bosio, Euro Display (

"Hey Guys - Zoom is fantastic and I'm spreading the news around my company with great response! ... People are just eating this stuff up and are flabbergasted when I give them the whole story (features, price, etc) about Zoom. Anyway, great product and thanks for addressing my questions!!" - Austin Devereux, Aspen Systems Corp.

"Got your search function up and running - great value for the money and good service. You may quote me on this if you desire." - Michèle Delsol, MicroSigma (France).

I owe you a great thanks for all your help. You've been very patient with me, your answers and instructions have been detailed, and you have actively worked with my site to resolve our problems. This level of service is rarely seen, and I will remember this if I ever need to recommend a search solution to others. Patrick Blasone - (Denmark) Quote end

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