Zoom Search Engine Download

Please select below for the platform from which you will be indexing your website.

Typically, this would be the platform of your desktop computer.

Note that all versions support the same web server platform options.

(The Linux version is designed to index on the web server directly and is not necessary in most cases.)

 Download Zoom Search Engine for your indexing platform
Windows Zoom Search Installer Download Windows Version 8.0.1024 Download (36.26 MB)
Linux Zoom Search Installer Download Linux Version 7.1.1004 (Server License) Download (8.36 MB)

Installation and User Guides

Download the Zoom Search User's Guide.

Old Windows Version

We recommend upgrading to latest version where possible, but for those unable to, you can find the last Windows V7 release below.

Old Version: 7.1 build 1022 download (Support discontinued)

Old Apple OSX Version

The Apple OSX Verion of Zoom Search Engine has been discontinued, though is still available for download.

Version: 7.1 build download (Support discontinued, except for users still within current support period)

Old software for Windows XP and Server 2003

For users still on the discontinued Windows XP and Server 2003 operating systems, you can use V6.0 or V7.0 below.

Old Version 7.0 build 1024 download (Support discontinued)

Old Version 6.0 build 1029 download (Support discontinued)


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