Screenshots of Zoom Search Engine for Windows

Some screenshots of Zoom in action. Click on a thumbnail for the larger image.

Zoom wizard screenshot
The step-by-step wizard helps new users get a working search page up and running in minutes.
Zoom spider screenshot
Index your website (with Spider Mode) directly from your own computer.
Zoom offline screenshot
...or index your local copy of the website (with the offline scanning functionality) with Zoom.
Zoom status small
Keep track of your indexing status with detailed information on your indexing progress.
Zoom config searchpage screenshot
Configure your search page options easily, no script editing required - change everything from the configuration window.
Zoom config scan screenshot
Configure the indexer scan or skip specific files, words, or file extensions to ensure that visitors are only searching the parts of the site you want.
Zoom v6 screenshot
The end result! Your online search page after indexing your site with Zoom.
Zoom eshop example screenshot
You can specify custom meta fields for Zoom to search and display.
Zoom image search screenshot
You can setup icons, images and thumbnails to appear alongside your search results. You can even index and search image files!
Zoom ftp screenshot
Upload the files to your website via Zoom's built-in FTP functionality. You can ask Zoom to save your settings and automatically re-upload the files after every index.
Zoom scheduler screenshot
You can schedule Zoom to automatically run the indexer with your pre-configured settings. This allows you to setup Zoom to index, upload, and generate reports on a regular basis, without any administration!
Zoom stats screenshot
Generate "Top 10 searches" statistics reports with your search log file. Specify date range and more. Other report options include bar or line charts for "Searches per day/month/year".
Zoom report screenshot
Sample "Top 10 searches" and "Top 10 No Result searches" report. Note that the report is a HTML web page with GIF images you can put online.
Zoom report screenshot
Sample "searches per day" bar chart, and "searches per week" line chart.

Zoom Icons and logos

Images and icons to add to your web site. If your web site uses the Zoom search engine, feel free to download and use these images on your search page. (Right click on the image and select "Save as").

Zoom logo large

Large logo (160 x 90 pixels, 6 KB)

Zoom logo small

Small logo (72x40 pixels, 2 KB)


Zoom logo icon

Icon (32x32 pixels, 1 KB)