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"...thank you for making such a great product! I really appreciate it."-- Mike Cowles, Chicago Web Design, Inc.

"I appreciate your help and so far it's working great! I will definitely be recommending this to all our hosting clients, lovely piece of work on your part" -- Adrian Biffen,

"This solution works beautifully. I spent over 2 months trying various search engine scripts but none of them come close to what your software can do. I will be buying the pro edition after I complete my evaluation. ." -- Mark Single,

"I enjoy ZOOM search script and have been looking to incorporate a Search feature more than one year now. I'm just now getting time to do so, and just dreaded having to use Google / Yahoo as an alternative Search provider. The ZOOM software has now allowed me to contain a search engine within my domain itself, and without having the guest leaving my site. I also really like the feature of ZOOM creating a Google and Yahoo site map. That was an extra bonus !!! Too many nice features to mention." -- Tom C, Primo Computer Repair

"I bought the standard version of your software a while ago and I must say how impressed I am with the speed at which it works online. ." -- Futonge Kisito

"We've been using the Zoom Search Engine on our site ( and are really impressed with it. Set-up was easy (I did it myself with little technical knowledge - normally I outsource this kind of thing) and the limited support questions we had were answered promptly and efficiently. The initial search results provided are excellent and required no tinkering (though this is a simple process if you do need to refine the results). Integration into sites is seamless. One of the major problems of Zoom's competitors is that the search pages are difficult to integrate inconspicuously. Zoom was easy to modify and incorporate into our design. Take a look at (www. insert which ever one you want It looks and feels like a bespoke search solution.
Zoom is also extremely easy to integrate with Google Analytics (the process takes less than a minute). A whole new world then opens up where visitor behaviour for individual search terms, conversion rates, and much more can be explored. One of the best things about Zoom is its price. I would easily pay 20 or 30 times more than Wrensoft ask for Zoom. I thoroughly recommend it to anybody wanting to add internal search to their website. "
-- David Mottershead,

"I will be buying you search engine later this week, it's an excellent product, I only found out by accident that it creates sitemap.xml files as well, just what I needed." -- Steve Pearce

"We love your zoom search software!!!" -- Rasun Williams, Baruch College, City University New York

"Just a note to let you know that I am extremely happy with your search engine. I came across your site through google...did some research, purchased your product and installed it on our community site" -- Corwyn Friesen

"I must tell you we were previously sharing a google mini server with another company; we had technical problems sharing this usage of the same machine we hesitated to buy a google mini on our own and then I discovered your product, it is a very efficient product and we have no regret not purchasing the google mini; we do not miss it! And the price is SO different, thanks for all and let's hope your product will continue to be better known ... we will definitely spread the word" -- Loic Merian,, France

"I have finished the search engine work using the V5.1.1011 build and am very pleased with it. Yours is an excellent example of well designed software that doesn't get in one's way and also anticipates one's needs. It's a pity some of the larger software houses, the ones with loud-mouthed but small-brained marketing departments, haven't learnt that simple lesson - that's why my purchasing policy now is always to aim for the smaller independents if possible " -- Sahlan Diver, Alvedon Computers Ltd

"I have been adding Zoom search to more of my web pages, and to the CD versions, and am very pleased with the results - you have an outstanding product, and your excellent support system makes it even better." -- Franz J Mayrhofer, Gavilan College, Spanish Department

"I'm using Version 5.1 on Windows XP and my pages are running php. I have to say that this software is absolutely amazing and very user-friendly - I'm very happy with my purchase." -- Dave Beveridge, The Magic of Scotland

"I've recently integrated your Zoom into my project, with great success. It was far simpler than I thought a search engine could possibly be, and I know that my visitors will enjoy the extra searching dimension that Zoom brings. I also fully appreciate the excellent facility you make by offering this try-it-out version of your product for free, I'm certain that a lot of people benefit from this. How proud you must feel, owning/developing such an excellent product as this, well done." -- Michael A Butler,

"First, thank you for an amazingly simple to install yet great search engine for sites. This is the first time I've used and I can't believe how easy and efficient it is." -- Yael Matsliah, Kalanit Design Studio

"The engine works beautifully! Thank you for such a wonderful product! It is adding so much to my high school website and my capstone project." -- Diane,

"Thank you very much, you have been extremely helpful! We should be purchasing a licensed copy today. This is a great product!!!" -- Barbara Simoneau, National Perinatal Information Center/Quality Analytic Services

"I want to thank you for building such a wonderful search tool. I run the website for a large IT publication, and we've been looking for a search engine to manage articles, biographies, podcasts, and video, and I am extremely glad I chose to purchase Zoom. Within minutes I was able to install the search engine and customize it to work within the framework of our website, and within several hours I've been able to index our site and configure it to display the results perfectly. The thing that amazes me is that the search results not only seem to match relevant terms, but context as well. I'm not quite sure even I understand most of the articles we publish in our magazine, but your search engine is always able to generate extremely valid results. For the price - and lack of headaches - this software can't be beat.
When my boss said "search engine" I planned for a week. It was up and done in less than four hours. Thanks again."
-- Aaron Mason, CDM Media USA

"We just purchased. I've already sent your info on to another web developer.we've tried other stuff and it was always a pain. Your search app is awesome." -- Kyler Boudreau,

"I am extremely happy with the Zoom Search product." -- Kathy Horvath, "K" Line America, Inc.

"It is a really good search feature. We are very happy with the search results that it is producing and the highlighted text is a bonus. My favourite feature is being able to set up very specific search results based on a key word and specific URLs within the site being provided." -- Karen Ryder, Horse Ryder

"Many thanks. Not only is the product brilliant, but the customer service as well!" -- Carl E Tusler, UK Integrated Systems & Solutions

"Thank you very much for the help and quick response. Your software and documentation are a pleasure to work with. They work the way the manual says they'll work and your documentation is excellent. Your support is exemplary as well as your response time. Excellent job! I've already recommended this to the company I work for." -- Mike, Voodoo Data

"Bought your product today and I love it - super easy!" -- Joe Quint, Quint and Quint

"Thanks for making such a great product - we've been struggling with the JS indexes for some time as we exclusively use Zoom (in my team) for CD/DVD delivery of PDF benefit statement archives that can run into multiple thousands of PDFs with 8-12 pages. We've used a number of indexing products (one particularly hideous experience with a Director-based one) and yours is by far and away the simplest to use. Many many thanks." -- George Marsh, Benefit Communications

"I just wanted to thank you all for a great product. I can not express how grateful I am to have found zoom search. I have tried at least a half dozen of different search scripts with no luck. None of them worked as flawless and had the features as yours. Zoom search also configured to my site allowing me to display the search results while keeping the look and feel of my site in tact. Zoom search also holds true to the name as it performs very quickly while indexing and loading files to the server. My only regret is I did not find you first as I could have saved me several hundred dollars and many hours of time and frustration." -- Greg Marston,

"You have a great product by the way. It makes my job a lot easier and people happier so they can search our site!" -- Tammie Shaffer, Pitney Bowes PSI Presort Services

"I just wanted to thank you for your help. You have made this project so much easier for me." -- Lydya Soza Castillo, Sales Dynamics Inc.

"I love your software. Very easy to install run and implement." -- T,

"...your product is great and works perfect!! Thank you." -- Eleni Hailu, American College of Nurse-Midwives

"That is absolutely fabulous. We will be purchasing the product within the next couple of days!!!!! I am so glad I found you online. The demo product was superb and I look forward to adding it to our site! -- Deirdre Cavener, Pinellas Life

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