Old version history (V7.0 and earlier)

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Note: We are no longer working on Version 7.0, as development have moved on to Version 8, but you can download the final 7.1 release (Build 1022) here and get the Users Guide for this version here. This is purely for supporting users of the previous version.

You can also find the final V7 ASP.NET Server Control releases here: 32-bit | 64-bit

We recommend upgrading to Version 8 where possible, as we have improved many aspects of Zoom and have addressed many issues based on user feedback.

Version 7.1.1022 (12 June 2018)

  • Fixed bug in CGI with UTF-8 Chinese queries being corrupted.
  • Fixed crash bug in CGI with long ZLANG entries such as the Russian ZLANG file.
  • Fixed bug crawling with protocol relative links.

Version 7.1.1021 (29 March 2018)

  • Fixed crash bug and appearance of unusual log entries "%.2d|%s...", etc.
  • Fixed bug with "Suspected invalid HTML (possible unmatched quote characters)..." being reported on directory URLs that do not end with a slash.
  • Fixed bug with URLs being blanked out by "Parse for links in JavaScript code" such that they are lost for meta tags such as ZOOMIMAGE.

Version 7.1.1020 (5 January 2018)

  • (1/Feb/18) Build 1020b revision: Fixed crash bug with parsing links in Javascript
  • Improved performance of parsing links from XML files (and unformatted text)
  • Fixed bug with parsing URLs in sitemap XML (causing ">/loc" to appear at end of URLs)
  • Fixed bug causing some URLs to be omitted when parsing XML or unformatted text
  • Fixed bug when indexing some invalid skipped words
  • Fixed error message for blacklisted extensions
  • Fixed handling for some file types (MSG, GZ, PST)
  • Added support for indexing and identifying SQLite files.
  • Fixed overflow crash bug caused by illegally long filenames in ZIP files.
  • Fixed crash bug with start point URLs that are not percent encoded.

Version 7.1.1019 (1 September 2017)

  • Fixed bug with incremental command-line option -addpage when adding file that is already in index.
  • Fixed bug with incremental command-line option -addpages corrupting URLs when specified with missing base URL parameter.
  • Fixed bug with not crawling links in XML files when "Follow links only" spider type setting is used.
  • Fixed bug with indexing PST and OST files featuring compression.

Version 7.1.1018 (14 August 2017)

  • (16/Aug/17) Fixed CGI crash bug when using domain diversity.
  • Added XML file type indexing support.
  • Added support for crawling links from XML files.
  • Fixed bug with incremental update on ZIP files.
  • Fixed missing Domain Diversity functionality in search CGI.
  • Fixed bug with handling Big-5 characters in search CGI.
  • Fixed bug with indexing MBOX/EML attachments within another MBOX/EML file.

Version 7.1.1017 (25 July 2017)

  • Added multi-threading for Incremental Update. This makes the feature much faster, more efficient, and less prone to lock-up due to resource exhaustion.
  • Fixed bugs with context description punctuation spacing.
  • Added 'us-ascii' code page support.
  • Added handling for non-displayable characters in PDF files. This fixes issues with them being shown in UTF-8 search results.
  • Fixed crash bug due to spelling suggestions.
  • Fixed possible cause of 'Core engine is not responding' messages due to miscount of internal frozen state.
  • Fixed bug with 'Your configuration has changed' prompt due to automatic disable of index log path when it is invalid.
  • Fixed bug in Win32 and Win64 CGI with control characters written in search log.
  • Fixed bug in JavaScript search which fails to match recommended link phrases created with uppercase characters.
  • Fixed translation mistake in Dutch language file.

Version 7.1.1016 (19 April 2017)

  • Fixed bug with PHP script spelling suggestion based on stemmed words.
  • Added support for UTF-8 punctuation entities, e.g. — and –
  • Increased tolerance of 'Core engine is not responding' mechanism to avoid unnecessary triggering and added warning.
  • Fixed bug with memory usage reported on 'Status' tab of Indexer.
  • Fixed bug with 'Delete pages from existing index' function for PHP and ASP platforms.

Version 7.1.1015 (3 April 2017)

  • Added handling for failing to connect to proxy server.
  • Fixed context description spacing for stand-alone punctuation characters (e.g. Bob & Pete). Requires re-indexing.
  • Fixed CGI crash bug when wildcard matching with word where the last character is UTF-8 encoded.
  • Fixed bug with MP3 meta information and MP3 technical data options.

Version 7.1.1014 (15 Mar 2017)

  • Added option to index meta tags outside of <head>...</head> tags.
  • Fixed CGI handling of wildcard search queries and UTF-8 characters.

Version 7.1.1013 (20 Feb 2017)

  • Added configurable Indexing Options for HTML5 tags <header>, <footer>, <nav>, <article>, and <section>. Default to not index (but follow links from) header, footer, and nav tags.
  • Fixed bugs with not indexing delivery time for PST emails.
  • Fixed bug with ASP search script when searching for words containing '+' character when '+' is enabled for word joining.
  • Fixed HTML validation issue for 'zoom_match' label with PHP and ASP scripts.

Version 7.1.1012 (17 Jan 2017)

  • Fixed crash bug when searching with spelling suggestions and numbers.
  • Fixed bug with indexing words beginning with a word join character, e.g. "$10", ".NET", "#hashtag"
  • Fixed minor bug with indexing boost values as text.
  • Fixed issues with SideBySide error for "ZoomEngine.exe" and "ZoomEngine64.exe" in Windows Application Events Log regarding "Activation context generation failed..."

Version 7.1.1011 (20 December 2016)

  • Fixed bug with indexing embedded vector drawing data (appearing in results as unusual numbers) in Office 2010 documents (DOCX, PPTX, XLSX)
  • Fixed bug with non-text ASCII characters (0x03, 0x04, 0x05, ... etc.) appearing in the meta description and/or context results.

Version 7.1.1010 (22 November 2016)

  • Improved spelling suggestions for PHP, CGI and ASP.NET
  • Fixed bug with DOC/PPT/XLS files having "Last Modified" field indexed as "Author". Will now prioritize "Author" and only index "Last Modified" if author field is empty.

Version 7.1.1009 (7 November 2016)

  • Fixed meta data indexing of Word DOC documents
  • Fixed matching and highlighting bug with exact phrases containing punctuation marks in CGI.
  • Fixed fseek bug with PHP search script.

Version 7.1.1008 (20 October 2016)

  • Fixed bug with being unable to start Zoom after trial license key has expired.
  • Fixed crash bug with additional start folders (Offline Mode) longer than 260 characters.

Version 7.1.1007 (4 October 2016)

  • Fixed bug when indexing invalid file formats (e.g. .pptx file named as .ppt) causing wrong content to be indexed.
  • Fixed bug in autocomplete scripts with 'Enter' key
  • Improved autocomplete script handling with keyboard controls (up/down scrolls dropdown list)
  • Fixed crash bug in Offline Mode when additional start point has a base URL longer than 260 characters.
  • Fixed bug with CGI 'Sort by date' link.

Version 7.1.1006 (26 August 2016)

  • Updated application targeting for Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and later.
  • Fixed bug with not identifying running on Windows 10
  • Added error message for Windows Server 2012 or later if core executable is 'unable to communicate' due to SMB/Cluster Failover features being disabled.
  • Fixed search function in Help file
  • Increased further tolerance for slow launch of core engine due to extremely slow computers or Virtual Machines.

Version 7.1.1005 (11 August 2016)

  • Increased tolerance for slow launch of core engine due to extremely slow computers or Virtual Machines.
  • Fixed bug with HTTP download timeout causing downloads over 1 minute to be terminated. Now it will correctly only timeout based on traffic inactivity.
  • Fixed bug with thread download progress not updating on Status tab.

Version 7.1.1004 (27 July 2016)

  • Fixed crash bug with cookie handling (updated to latest libcurl, openssl)
  • Fixed PHP and ASP bug with context description when using 'Ensure Domain Diversity'
  • Fixed JavaScript bug with first recommended link
  • Fixed more path length issues with attachments, mboxes and archives.
  • Fixed crash bug when XLS file has inconsistent format data
  • Added exif image handling for 'Camera Make Model' and 'GPS Date/time', 'GPS latitude' and 'GPS longitude'
  • Fixed bug with failing to index offline paths longer than 256 characters.
  • Fixed bug with word Score scaling which capped score when many occurrences of the word is found

Version 7.1.1003 (3 June 2016)

  • Fixed crash bug on Server 2012 when applying or saving the configuration.
  • Fixed bug with 'Max. results per query' limit not being applied in PHP and ASP search results
  • Fixed bugs with exact phrase highlighting in CGI search results

Version 7.1.1002 (22 April 2016)

  • Fixed bug with encoding URLs containing space characters
  • Fixed CGI and ASP.NET bug with garbled titles or descriptions when exact phrase query matches partially and highlighting is enabled.
  • Restored .torrent indexing
  • Fixed crash bug with internal path length in email indexing
  • Updated extension recognition for .dxf and .plt
  • Fixed bug with PST and MSG file indexing.
  • Fixed bug with temporary plugin files not deleted after indexing
  • Fixed error handling when exiftool cannot be launched in stayopen mode.
  • Fixed error messages for max FTP password length

Version 7.1.1001 (29 Jan 2016)

  • Fixed issue with Win 10 certification reporting 'The signature of zoomsearch.exe is corrupt or invalid.'
  • Fixed bug with Linux 64-bit CGI platform selection
  • Added retry functionality for incremental file operations to avoid conflicting processes (e.g. search process) holding the file open and disrupting the incremental index at the end.
  • Fixed HTML validation issues in PHP and ASP output.
  • Fixed crash bug with incremental indexing
  • Fixed 'Side-by-Side' errors when starting 64-bit interface
  • Fixed buffer issues when percent encoding URLs

Version 7.1.1000 (12 Jan 2016)

  • New index format increases maximum unique words capacity from 16 million to 200 million. Note: index files created with V7.1 are not compatible with V7.0 CGIs.
  • Improved EXIF indexing speed for images and media files (~5x difference) (Windows only)
  • Added support for indexing ZIP files compresed with compression methods besides DEFLATE. (e.g. IMPLODE)
  • Fixed bugs with 7z filename indexing
  • Fixed crash bug when Content-Type header from server is empty.
  • Updated accent character map for Romanian characters
  • Fixed bug with 7z64.dll not found by 64-bit indexer
  • Fixed bug when indexing files with 'Scan files with unknown extensions' enabled and Zoom fails to recognize the file type being defaulted to HTML.
  • Fixed bug with memory usage estimation.

Version 7.0.1024 (7 Oct 2015)

  • Fixed issue with SideBySide error in Windows Application Events Log regarding "Activation context generation failed..."
  • Added support for ZIPX, 7Z and more archive formats.
  • Added handling for zero byte files in ZIP (index filename only).
  • Fixed issue with failing to extract directory names from ZIP files without header information.
  • Fixed issue with failing to extract password protected ZIP files (will now index filename only gracefully)
  • Added meaningful error messages when unzip fails.
  • Fixed bug with 'Error: Escaped URL is invalid or too long to be valid'
  • Fixed bug with corrupt message for 'Error GZ processing'
  • Fixed bug with not identifying text files that have been renamed to a file extension requiring processing (e.g. ".doc")
  • Fixed crash bug with indexing of filenames in archives.
  • Fixed CGI and ASP.NET Server Control bugs with highlighting exact phrase searches (when phrase is partially matched)
  • Fixed bug with ZIP indexing error messages (paths repeated)
  • Fixed many bugs and issues with MBOX/EML file formats and attachments.
  • Restored support for indexing EXIF fields 'Byline', 'Author', 'By-line', 'CopyrightNotice', 'Credit', 'Source' to match old V6 ImageInfo behaviour.
  • This will be the last release that supports Windows XP and Server 2003. Microsoft has discontinued these operating systems.

Version 7.0.1023 (16 July 2015)

  • IMPORTANT: If you have a license key username that is longer than 32 characters and you are using build 1019 to 1022, you must update to this build and re-enter your license key (under the menu, 'Help'->'Enter license key') in order to fix a critical bug which causes your key to be misidentified as being invalid.
  • Fixed bug with indexing file:// links in Spider Mode (causing empty 'Skipped' log messages)
  • Fixed bug with autocomplete indexing ignoring words already in the primary search index.
  • Fixed bug with autocomplete indexing not stemming.
  • Added error message for meta names containing space characters.

Version 7.0.1022 (1 July 2015)

  • Fixed bug with Automatic Cookie-based Authentication (Form Login) when login page returns HTTP 303 code.
  • Fixed bug with indexing PDF files with no titles in Offline Mode (incorrectly showing offline path as title)
  • Fixed syntax bug with ASP script.
  • Fixed bug with CGI autocomplete AJAX URL.

Version 7.0.1021 (23 June 2015)

  • Added Autocomplete feature to include words indexed/extracted from Page Title and Meta Descriptions.
  • Added indexing of From, To, CC, BCC fields for e-mail attachments.
  • Fixed many issues with e-mail attachments (recursive PST, MBOX, MSG files, etc.)
  • Fixed bug with indexing recursive ZIP files (ZIP files within ZIP files)
  • Fixed bug with autocomplete script and ASP.NET Server Control
  • Fixed bug in PHP and ASP script with wildcard searches for words containing numbers or zero variants.
  • Changed ASP codepage compatibility behaviour based on Charset Enforcing setting
  • Fixed crash bug with 'Core engine is not responding' warning at end of indexing.

Version 7.0.1020 (8 May 2015)

  • Fixed bug with cookie-based authentication
  • Fixed output escaping bug in PHP and ASP script with custom meta fields.
  • Fixed crashes when indexing corrupt PPT, DOC and Excel files.

Version 7.0.1019 (5 May 2015)

  • Fixed corrupt index bug with some file (PDF, DOCs) titles containing unexpected characters.
  • Added handling for HTTP 307
  • Added handling for redirect URL to be blank
  • Added debug messages for parsing log file for autocomplete
  • Added handling for 'Title' and 'Headline' in image EXIF header

Version 7.0.1018 (19 March 2015)

  • Improved ASP script tolerance for codepage conflict when embedded in wrapper script.
  • Fixed bug with autocomplete not supporting Unicode.
  • Fixed bug with UTF-8 filenames being corrupted when indexed as the document title.
  • Fixed percent decoding in UTF-8.
  • Fixed exact phrase searching bug for certain HTML and PPTX output.
  • Fixed bugs with PST indexing (corrupt URLs, title and from addresses, X.400 format email addresses, header indexing)
  • Added progress for autocomplete log file download.
  • Moved autocomplete generation to core engine.
  • Fixed crash bug for Excel file indexing.

Version 7.0.1017 (17 February 2015)

  • Fixed default Max. File Size limit for Free Edition to 1 MB (from 200 KB)
  • Added Linux 64-bit CGI option
  • Changed cookie handling behaviour (cookies are cleared for each start point)
  • Fixed crash bug with indexing binary (filename only) files when the URL does not exist.
  • Fixed pageinfo file format bug (causing incremental problems and sitemap creation problems)
  • Fixed bug with 'not responding' error during sitemap creation and final index files preparation stage.

Version 7.0.1016 (10 February 2015)

  • Fixed crash bug due to linking issues.
  • Fixed bug multiple base URLs (semi-colon delimited).
  • Fixed ASP bug with exact phrases if last character is not alpha numeric.
  • Changed behaviour of URL percent encoding to match V6 behaviour.
  • Fixed bug with indexing DOC, PPT, XLS files from within ZIP files.
  • Fixed bug with 'Error while writing out pageinfo for categories and meta fields'
  • Updated OSX build of search.cgi

Version 7.0.1015 (23 January 2015)

  • Fixed bug with categories feature (caused by changes in pageinfo format introduced in build 1014)
  • Removed WinInet.dll dependency for ZoomEngine.

Version 7.0.1014 (21 January 2015)

  • Added new limit configuration 'Max URLs visited per start point'.
  • NEW CGI and ASP.NET index format support allows for custom meta fields storing text values greater than 255 characters (now up to 65,535 characters). NOTE: New ASP.NET server control required for indexes created by this build of the indexer.
  • Added backwards compatibility with previous index format to CGI and ASP.NET server control.
  • Fixed bug with Unicode strings in custom meta fields being corrupted if it approaches 255 characters.
  • Fixed memory estimation for spider mode (previously under estimating)
  • Fixed memory leak during URL queueing and percent escaping.
  • Fixed bug with numbers and letters being split into different words.
  • Fixed bug with start URL and base URL not being percent encoded causing start URLs with spaces to fail.
  • Fixed crash bug with synonyms configuration window on quit.
  • Fixed crash bug with synonyms when the entry is exactly 100 characters long.
  • Added instructions to right-click and select 'Run as Administrator' when trying to schedule tasks without elevated admin privileges.
  • Fixed bug with incremental delete pages not removing temporary files (zoom_deletepages.inc.tmp)
  • Fixed bug with subsequent indexing failing after incremental delete pages.
  • Fixed bug with Excel (XLS) processing spreadsheets with hypertext links
  • Fixed bug with saving embedded messages and attachments from PST/OST files as .msg
  • Fixed crash bug when indexing .msg files with many attachments
  • Fixed bug with only using last filename for all attachments of the same .msg file
  • Fixed bug with losing generated body text with .msg attachment filenames.
  • Fixed bug with indexing plain text emails in .msg files.
  • Fixed ASP bug when "zoom_autocomplete.js" and "zoom_autocomplete.css" are missing and autocomplete is enabled leading to blank page.
  • Fixed warnings in statistics report PHP script.

Version 7.0.1013 (29 December 2014)

  • Added support for scheme relative base HREF URLs e.g. <base href='//www.mysite.com/'>
  • Fixed crash (or freeze up) bug when indexing failed results from DOC processing.
  • Added special spider handling of binary files when text extraction is disabled (file is not downloaded, check if exists).
  • Fixed bug with file sizes not indexed in Offline Mode for some plugin formats (incl. PDF).
  • Fixed crash bug with new URL escape code triggered during incremental indexing and certain URLs.
  • Fixed bug with HTTP authentication.
  • Fixed crash bug with certain XLS files.
  • Fixed bug with incremental command line options
  • Fixed bug with not auto uploading after incremental indexing.
  • Fixed warning in PHP search script.
  • Fixed long query bug in ASP.NET Server Control.
  • Fixed bug with Japanese hiragana and katakana words not being split.

Version 7.0.1012 (8 December 2014)

  • Fixed freeze bug when unzipping a corrupted zip file.
  • Fixed bug with cookie support not being disabled when 'Read/write cookies' settings is unchecked .
  • Fixed crash bug with URLs containing non-ASCII characters (e.g. umlauts).
  • Added ability to escape (percent encode) URLs in UTF-8 on machines older than Windows 7.
  • Fixed bugs with not uploading zoom_autocomplete.css and zoom_datepicker.css and scripts when these features are enabled.
  • Fixed PHP, ASP and CGI scripts not automatically pulling in zoom_datepicker.css styles (previously required user to manually link to them in template)
  • Fix bug with CGI handling for template file lacking CRLR (carriage return line feeds).
  • Fixed issues with multiple (redundant) file analysis when files are of unknown type.

Version 7.0.1011 (20 November 2014)

  • Fixed crash bug with long string of + characters and other unusual punctuation mark handling.
  • New code for handling PST and MSG e-mail file formats.
  • Fixed bug with indexing video file type.
  • Fixed bug with duplicating lines in log file.
  • Fixed bug with incremental update via command line parameter (or scheduled task).
  • Fixed bug with incremental add start point (added to config file even when no pages are indexed).
  • Fixed bug with incremental add start point GUI not remembering newly added start points (and then overwriting the config file).
  • Fixed bug with incremental indexing temp files not being deleted if failed.
  • Fixed bug with incremental add pages in Offline Mode not appending base URL (causing 'No base URL specified...' error message).
  • Fixed bug with not removing all temp files for email indexing, and inconsistencies with zoom_attach* temporary file naming.
  • Fixed bug with Index Log GUI not drawing after minimize -> restore
  • Fixed bug with PHP and ASP search scripts showing stemmed base words for skipped message ('The following word(s) are in the skip word list...')
  • Added config windows for video formats.
  • Added progress indicator for Zoom Stats Report window.
  • Added stdout error messages when unable to write to log files.

Version 7.0.1010 (20 October 2014)

  • Added indexing support for .gz, .tar and tar.gz files.
  • Added progress message for search statistics report generator.
  • Fixed bug with highlighting search terms in results when substring matching is enabled (or wildcard search) in all script platforms.
  • Fixed bug with PHP search form dropdowns for custom meta fields selecting first value instead of 'All' upon initialization.
  • Fixed bug with index log tab flashing in indexer GUI.
  • Added error handling for Automatic Form Login URL being invalid (pages requiring redirect now get meaningful error message)
  • Fixed crash bug with indexing MP3 files.
  • Fixed bug with not extracting comments in MP3 files.
  • Fixed bug with not being able to disable cookies support.
  • Fixed bug with incremental indexing (loading existing index with HTML entities in URL)
  • Fixed crash bug when indexing Excel files with many URL links.
  • Fixed bug with 'Total words found' summary showing signed value.
  • Fixed bug with no error when merging wordmap runs out of disk space.

Version 7.0.1009 (9 September 2014)

  • Added proxy server setting for spider crawler (no longer using IE/WinInet proxy settings).
  • Fixed crash bug when 'Max. number of words to index for this page has been reached'
  • Added support for form login mechanisms which require double requests to the initial page (follow redirect to self).
  • Fixed bug 'Failed to scan file' error message when wrongly named file is successfully re-indexed with analysis/determined format.
  • Fixed bug with 'Support single case languages' option when substring match is enabled in CGI and PHP.
  • Fixed support for versions of PHP earlier than 5.1.2 (i.e. PHP 4.2 to PHP 5.1.0)

Version 7.0.1008 (21 August 2014)

  • Fixed bug with forward slashes in URLs when indexing in Offline Mode.
  • Fixed bug with not identifying ZIP files that have been misnamed when using the "Scan unknown files" feature.
  • Fixed bug with DOC, PPT, XLS, etc. options being greyed out in the Wizard.
  • Fixed bug with 'An entry in the extensions list... is an unsupported file format' error for some supported file formats.
  • Added OS X Server build of search.cgi.

Version 7.0.1007 (24 July 2014)

  • Updated HTTP library fixing many bugs (some of which caused crashes during long indexing sessions) used in Spider Mode.
  • Fixed bugs with CRC detection on some Unicode characters (e.g. Chinese) which caused the page to be falsely identified as identical by the duplicate page detection feature.
  • Removed use of binary CRC for HTML pages. Content CRC is still applied.
  • Stopped "not responding" timeout from occurring while writing out to index files.
  • Fixed crash bug when determining thumbnail URL for file with no extension which is a plugin file but indexing filename only.
  • Fixed bug with Autocomplete when user types in invalid characters such as hash and ampersand.
  • Fixed bug with Autocomplete feature when used in a frames based web page.
  • Fixed bug with date range control appearing even when date range searching is disabled.

Version 7.0.1006 (17 July 2014)

  • Added option to configure Max word length ("Configure"->"Limits"). Pro and Enterprise editions only.
  • Fixed Javascript bug with date range controls appearing despite date range disabled
  • Fixed PHP script compatibility with PHP 4.2.
  • Fixed broken HTML for meta information for Word (DOC, DOT) documents. This caused "Suspected invalid HTML..." errors.
  • Added extracting and parsing of meta information for PPT and XLS files.
  • Improved handling of PPT and XLS output (increased indexing speed)
  • Fixed bug with many PPT and XLS files failing CRC checks.
  • Fixed crash bug with XLS files when label length is zero.
  • Extended time for core engine response warning.

Version 7.0.1005 (3 July 2014)

  • Added latin ligature option. "ij=ii" is no longer in the general ligature mapping.
  • Added "-autorun" command-line option which runs indexing in current mode as specified by the .zcfg file.
  • New internal DOC, XLS and PPT processing code. Much faster than previous plugin code.
  • Fixed bug with pagedata structure in 64-bit.
  • Fixed bug with not detecting indexer is running and prompting user before quitting.
  • Fixed bug with not focing core engine to terminate/quit when window is closed before indexing finishes.
  • Fixed bug with not closing shared memory when quitting before finishing.
  • Fixed crash bug with command-line spider mode but mode specified in zcfg file is offline.
  • Fixed crash bug if incremental but no start list.
  • Fixed autorun indexing issues.
  • Fixed crash bug with scanning PST and DBX files.

Version 7.0.1004 (27 May 2014)

  • Fixed bug with HTTP time outs. Previous build would wait indefinitely for slow responding pages. It will now stop at 60 seconds.
  • Changes to "core engine not responding" mechanism.
  • Added "latin o with diacritic tilde" (õ) to accent/diacritic insensitivity feature.
  • Fixed bugs with some incremental features (delete page, add page) not displaying log messages from the core engine.
  • Added error message for PHP script when unable to open zoom_pagetext.zdat and to abort execution.

Version 7.0.1003 (13 May 2014)

  • Fixed crash bug with incremental indexing features.
  • Fixed bug with clicking "start indexing" after incremental indexing, triggering incremental indexing again.
  • Fixed buffer issues with config window skip pages, skip words, content filter, and autocomplete text fields.
  • Fixed crash bug with loading config file with max number of autocomplete entries (5000)

Version 7.0.1002 (8 May 2014)

  • Fixed bug with 'Remove all' in additional start window, not resetting the spider option of primary start point.
  • Fixed Status for num unique words, total bytes downloaded, queued URLs, peak memory used, and more.
  • Fixed bug with clicking 'Stop indexing' before 'Start indexing' command has been processed by core engine. This previously left the GUI/engine in a state of limbo.
  • Fixed log error message for incremental view/delete pages
  • Fixed bug with temporary file paths for plugins in Free Edition

Version 7.0.1001 (1 May 2014)

  • Changed Application Data folder so as not to overwrite V6 files. This allows V7 to be installed alongside V6 on the same machine.
  • Fixed bug with thumbnail URLs in Offline Mode.
  • Allowed .desc files to be indexed for files which were failed to be processed by plugin.
  • Fixed incorrect cookie text in GUI.

Version 7.0.1000 (30 Apr 2014)

  • Initial V7 release. See "General" tab for more information.


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