Old version history (V6.0 and earlier)

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Note: We are no longer working on Version 6.0, as development have moved on to Version 7.0, but you can download the final 6.0 release (Build 1029) here and get the Users Guide for this version here. This is purely for supporting users of the previous version.

You can also find the final V6 ASP.NET Server Control releases here: 32-bit | 64-bit

We recommend upgrading to Version 7.0 where possible, as we have improved many aspects of Zoom and have addressed many issues based on user feedback.

Version 6.0.1029 (29 Aug 2013)

  • Fixed bug in jump to highlighting parameter (#search=) using """ entity instead of "%22"
  • Fixed bug in PHP and ASP with deleted pages
  • Fixed bug in ASP with Option Explicit support
  • Fixed bug with skipped words not being stemmed (and thus did not match when stemming is enabled).
  • Fixed bug with not following links on "Incremental add start points" operation.
  • Added support for percent encoded file://D:/ or file:///D|/ style URLs.
  • Increased plugin timeout durations.

Version 6.0.1028 (23 Dec 2011)

  • Fixed bug with "Support single-case languages" in Indexer and PHP script.
  • Added filtering out of exclamation marks (!) in search query.
  • Added error check for V7 configuration files (not supported in V6).
  • Fixed bug with date times being 1 second off (causing 00:00:00 to end up being recognized as the previous day)
  • Fixed bug with Content Filtered pages displaying the wrong skipped reason in the Log.
  • Fixed bug with not saving the Link Target setting when it is over 15 characters in length.

Version 6.0.1027 (22 Aug 2011)

  • Fixed crash bug with exact phrase searching in CGI and ASP.NET Server Control

Version 6.0.1026 (29 Jun 2011)

  • Added support for <sup> and <sub> inline tags.
  • Added support for <input name=Login> style tags (no quotation marks around name value)
  • Added error reporting for ZLANG files detection.
  • Added handling of slanted apostropohe (aka acute accent) character.
  • Changed output of text sitemap (urllist.txt) to be without HTML entities.
  • Fixed memory leaks in CGI and ASP.NET Server Control, particularly in the spelling suggestion feature.
  • Fixed validation bug with <html> tag in search_template.html and search.html
  • Fixed bug with "catch all" category.
  • Fixed bug with space characters in Category patterns which were parsed incorrectly in Offline Mode.
  • Fixed PHP/ASP/CGI bug with category summary not displaying the "Refine your search by..." heading if all results belonged in one category.
  • Fixed bug in CGI where an empty entry in the ZLANG file will inherit the value preceding it.
  • Fixed ASP.NET Server Control issue with "Unable to load DLL 'msvcm90.dll'" error and unintentional dependency on .NET Framework 4.0 (now reverted to .NET Framework 2.0 as in minimum requirement)

Version 6.0.1025 (23 Dec 2010)

  • Fixed crash bug with 64-bit Indexer not starting and a DLL error.
  • Fixed bug with no skipped message for pages which were excluded because of the CRC duplication detection matched after filtering HTML tags.
  • Built with new compiler environment and updated libraries.

Version 6.0.1024 (3 Dec 2010)

  • Fixed ASP bug with multi-select Custom Meta Fields matching incorrectly and not displaying correctly in the search results.
  • Fixed PHP bug with multi-select Custom Meta Field showing a warning.
  • Added check for invalid URL type specified in externally created ZCFG files.
  • Fixed memory leak in in ASP.NET server control.
  • Fixed timing issues and various with Log window.
  • Fixed memory leak when copying log to clipboard.
  • Added check for invalid categories in configuration file preventing incremental indexing.

Version 6.0.1023 (6 Jul 2010)

  • Fixed problem with content of DOC files being parsed as HTML leading to some text being filtered out and unnecessary "Suspected invalid HTML error" warnings for DOC files.
  • Changed plugin execution timeout value to vary depending on filesize. This prevents very large files from hitting the original 60 second timeout limit.
  • Fixed crash bug when determining a base URL while the user is entering a start spider URL in the "Start options" tab of the main window.
  • Addressed XSS issue with PHP server environment variables.
  • Fixed PHP bug with matching Custom Meta Fields of dropdown or multi-select types.
  • Fixed PHP bug with dictline error.
  • Fixed JavaScript bug when using UTF-8 encoding, pagination links and other feature links may cause additional "+" signs to appear in the search query.
  • Fixed bug with Custom Meta Field window not allowing the change from an existing Text type field to a different type until the match method was set to "Exact match".
  • Fixed crash bug with "Copy entire log to clipboard" from right-clicking in the Log tab due to long log entries.
  • Fixed occasional crash bug when attempting to "Open URL in Browser" from right-clicking in Log tab.
  • Fixed bug with Automatic Form Login that failed to find non-lowercase <form> tags.
  • Fixed crash bug with Automatic Form Login when a matching close </form> tag is not found.

PPT and XLS plugins updated (4 Jun 2010)

  • Fixed bugs with temporary files being left behind. This caused erratic behaviour where the plugin ran longer than expected when there were too many existing temporary files. Download the updated plugins individually or via the installation package from the plugins page.

Version 6.0.1021 (8 Apr 2010)

  • Fixed bug with context description displaying text from a different page when a multi search term query is matched at the end of a page. This applies for all script platforms except JS.
  • Added support for percent encoding URLs (aka URL escaping) in UTF-8. This will only occur when the Indexer is running on Windows 7. It will continue to perform percent encoding in ASCII (windows-1252) when the Indexer runs on pre-Windows 7 operating systems.
  • Fixed Mac OSX CGI bugs causing crashes when using exact phrase searches and missing context description.
  • Fixed PHP bug when template tags appear on same line as HTML. This was causing the HTML to be repeated, and potentially breaking the resultant search page layout.
  • Fixed PHP issues with deprecated split() function calls in PHP 5.3.
  • Improved PHP script context description rendering speed.
  • Fixed bug with long URLs causing an invalid weighting due to "URL length" weighting setting.
  • Fixed bugs with decoding HTML entities in UTF-8 for reg, trade, euro, cent, pound, yen, copy, laquo and raquo.
  • Added identification of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 in start up information.
  • Added support for empty/blank entries in ZLANG file (i.e. nothing after the equals character)
  • Changed handling of "<" and ">" as punctuation characters so that "<.01" would be indexed as ".01"
  • Fixed bug with HTTP authentication username and passwords truncating at 20 characters when sending request to server (restored to 40 characters maximum).

Version 6.0.1020 (14 Jan 2010)

  • Fixed issue with Link Back URLs containing GET parameters (e.g. "mysearch.php?id=35") when appending Zoom parameters for features such as pagination links.
  • Fixed bug with ASP script not adding PDF highlighting parameter ("#search=blah") if the PDF extension is not in lowercase.
  • Fixed bugs in CGI for Custom Meta Fields of "Text" type using "Exact match". This was not always matching correctly.
  • Fixed crash bug in ImageInfo plugin. Download updated plugin here.

Version 6.0.1019 (26 Nov 2009)

  • Added support for decomposed Unicode characters in the Indexer. They are now automatically converted to precomposed Unicode characters.
  • Fixed Indexer crash messages beginning with "Visual C..." when system is out of memory.
  • Fixed bug with Indexer not being able to connect to a start point with the same domain but different port number to a previous start point.
  • Fixed bug with indexer summary not being in the Log when the "Summary" filter option is disabled prior to indexing.
  • Fixed bug with keyboard cursor keys (up/down/home/end/... etc.) occasionally not being unable to control the Log window.
  • Fixed bug with CGI and ASP.NET Server Control not including pageboost factor in the search result scoring.
  • Fixed bug with the "No search query entered" message not appearing.
  • Fixed bug with category summary being displayed when all results belong in one category.
  • Fixed bug with recommended links to named anchors and the "jump to highlighting" feature is enabled.

Version 6.0.1018 (8 Sep 2009)

  • Fixed crash bug in CGI when highlighting with all wildcard query.
  • Fixed bug with miscounted category summary in CGI/ASP.NET when a query returns a large set of results.
  • Fixed minor bug with ASP template parsing.
  • Fixed bug with incremental command line option "-addpages" not working.
  • Renamed "ALT text for images" option to "ALT text for image links" (for clarity).
  • Fixed bug with escaped characters in filename when a base URL is set to an offline file path.
  • Improved automatic form login to handle large HTTP post parameters (e.g. VIEWSTATE buffers used on some ASP.NET websites). This is now defined by the "Max file size" limit specified under "Configure"->"Limits".
  • Fixed memory leaks in automatic form login process.

Version 6.0.1017 (16 Jul 2009)

  • Fixed bug with indexing page titles and meta descriptions containing the pipe character. This caused thumbnail links to be broken.
  • Fixed handling of search queries containing the pound (£) sign. It is now correctly stripped out of the search query.
  • Fixed bug with "%" and "#" characters not being escaped in the filename when using Offline Mode.
  • Fixed bug with indexing stopping when "Strip Arabic diacritic marks from words" is enabled and the Indexer encounters a word containing nothing but diacritic marks.
  • Fixed ASP.NET bug with empty search parameters.
  • Updated "highlight.js" script with a more compatible scrolling method.

Version 6.0.1016 (24 Jun 2009)

  • Added Slovak language file.
  • Updated German language file.
  • Added "FlyingAnt Server" CGI output option.
  • Fixed CGI bug with no results returned (or "search is too common" message) when both "Show time taken..." option and Search Logging are disabled.
  • Fixed bug in PHP script causing "Uninitialized string offset" notice errors.
  • Changes to ASP script to prevent conflict with "image" variable names when it is included in another ASP script.
  • Fixed bugs with configuration change prompts appearing when running as scheduled task (or from the command line)
  • Added ".ppsx" as recognized extension for "Office 2007 file" support.
  • Fixed bug with not exporting FOLLOW_ALL start point option.
  • You can now enable/disable logging modes (e.g. debug logging) immediately prior to incremental indexing.
  • Fixed crash bug when performing incremental indexing and more than 2 GB of memory is utilized (64-bit only).
  • Fixed bug with incremental indexing not proceeding due to the stemmed synonym entries overlapping.

Version 6.0.1015 (29 May 2009)

  • Optimized memory usage for CGI. Reduced memory usage by 50-80%!
  • Fixed category matching issue with ASP script.
  • Changed behaviour of recommended links so that they correspond to the option to open plugin files in new windows.
  • Fixed bug with Authentication configuration which was not saving cookie settings when HTTP login and password is empty.
  • Fixed bug with Automatic cookie-based login which was not picking up the input fields on certain pages with multiple forms and many input tags.
  • Increased maximum length of automatic login and password details (from 40 to 50 characters).
  • Fixed bug with not escaping "+" character in input values for automatic login.
  • Added more states and progress to be reported on the Status tab (e.g. "Flushing", "Merging").
  • Added check for limits being reached before proceeding with Incremental Add Pages.
  • Added practical limit warning for 64-bit.
  • Added progress indication for Incremental Add Start Pages window.
  • Added support for "file://" and offline paths for the right click "Open URL in browser" function on the "Log" tab.
  • Added check for virtual memory to force Indexer to complete when memory is close to exhaustion. This ensures a completed set of index files can be produced before running out of memory.
  • Fixed bug with indexing the filenames of files extracted from a ZIP file.
  • Fixed bug with mis-identifying files extracted from a ZIP file which had no extension.
  • Fixed bug with HTML code being indexed as static meta description when for plugin files when context description is disabled.
  • Fixed date range bug with PHP statistics script (report.php)

Version 6.0.1014 (1 May 2009)

  • New Shockwave Flash plugin released (download from plugins page) which supports SWF files created in Flash 8 or later.
  • Fixed bug in ASP script causing "Error: Category number is invalid. Incorrect settings file used?" error message when a certain number of categories is configured.
  • Fixed bug in CGI with incorrect category summary count.
  • Changed behaviour of category summary to include consideration for boolean AND/OR search option, and custom meta fields.
  • Fixed bug in CGI, PHP and JS with category summary not counting files belonging in multiple categories.
  • Changed behaviour of when category summary is displayed. Previously, summary was suppressed if one category contains all results. Now we only omit that category from the summary.
  • Fixed bug with exact phrase matching words across sections of a page (e.g. meta description and page title).
  • Fixed bug with "View or delete pages in existing index" crashing when loading in a corrupted set of index files.
  • Fixed bug with rare characters causing a corrupted index to be created by mapping to an invalid pipe character with the selected charset/encoding.
  • Fixed 64-bit bug for recommended links and offline indexing.
  • Fixed 64-bit bug for queuing URLs in Spider Mode.
  • Fixed bug with Incremental Add Pages holding the pagedata and pageinfo files opened when no valid pages have been specified to be added.
  • Fixed bug with Incremental Add Pages in Offline Mode which was failing to add pages that were not in the root directory.
  • Fixed bug with Offline Mode indexing when moving to next start point (or performing incremental add pages), if a file fails, no error or skipped message is displayed in the log.
  • Fixed bug with "View or delete pages in existing index" opening a blank window when the pagedata file cannot be opened.
  • Added ".bmp" to be recognized as a (filename only) binary file.
  • Fixed bug with offline binary file checking. This was causing files with recognized extensions to be skipped with "File type is ambiguous or cannot be determined" error messages unnecessarily.
  • Fixed bug with carriage return and line feeds being extracted as content for meta description.
  • Fixed bug with "Scan options" configuration window for ".swf" file extension not accessing "SWF indexing option"
  • Added support for UTF-8 BOM detection and fixed bugs with BOM bytes being indexed (and appearing in meta descriptions).
  • Fixed version number and date in updated "report.php" statistics script.
  • Fixed installer issue with "Unable to execute file in the temporary directory. Setup aborted" and "Error 5: Access is denied". This is caused by anti-virus programs which have superficial checking methods that prevent a temporary file with double extensions from being executed.

Version 6.0.1013 (17 Apr 2009)

  • Fixed issues with ASP.NET Server Control causing "ByRef" or "parameter #7" errors.
  • Fixed crash bug in ASP.NET Server Control during cleanup.
  • Fixed bug with ASP.NET Server Control failing to log the IP address.
  • Fixed bug with Stemming checkbox in the "Languages" configuration panel which did not allow you to disable stemming.
  • Fixed bug with stemming long words (over 17 characters) which causes some words to be not found.
  • Fixed bug with "Show category breakdown" option being stuck greyed out in the Categories configuration panel.
  • Fixed bug in CGI causing "No search query entered" message to appear before template.
  • Fixed bug with spelling suggestions offering the same word as the query.
  • Added tolerance and checking for binary files being indexed in Offline Mode, where the file type is ambiguous (i.e. no file extension).
  • Added code to prevent binary data being indexed and corrupting the dictionary file.
  • Fixed bugs with Statistics Report PHP script reporting incorrect tallies and PHP "Notice" messages.
  • Improved indexer tolerance for tags broken by carriage returns and line feeds.
  • Improved "Parse for links in JavaScript code" option. This was previously causing delays during indexing. It will now be more careful with which links to check, and will not check the same URL more than once. This may significantly improve your indexing speed if your website contains JS code with filenames and URLs.
  • Added category summary to XML output for CGI.
  • Changed maximum length for FTP password from 20 to 40 characters.

Version 6.0.1012 (25 Mar 2009)

  • Added support for specifying XML stylesheets (XSLT files) for your XML search results ("Configure"->"Advanced"->"XML/RSS"->"Configure").
  • Added option to toggle "Log HTML warnings" on the "Index Log" configuration panel. By unchecking this option, you can suppress "Suspected invalid HTML..." type messages.
  • Optimized PHP script to load dictionary in less time. Changed dictionary file format to accomodate.
  • Fixed crash bug when indexing a page with a NULL (0x00) character in a meta tag value.
  • Changed language file setting to default to English when the specified ZLANG file in the ZCFG configuration can not be found.
  • Fixed bug with skipped URLs appearing in the thread status window.
  • Fixed bug when parsing Javascript attributes (such as onload=) which did not use single or double quotes to enclose the value. This caused the entire page following this tag to be excluded from indexing.
  • Fixed bug with indexing a start point as though it was configured to "Index single page only", after indexing a start point with the"Follow all links only" spider option.
  • Fixed handling of invalid HTML character (such as 0x1a) in meta tag which causes a corrupt set of index files to be produced.
  • Fixed bug in CGI and ASP.NET where the "sort by date" option is not carried across when the "Refine your search..." by category option is clicked on.
  • Fixed bug in CGI and ASP.NET where accented characters were not being highlighted in the page title and meta description.
  • Fixed bug with indexing ZIP files in Offline Mode. This would sometimes produce an error message "Error: Could not open file ...".
  • Fixed bug with message options for "Broken links", "Filtered", and "Thread info" on Log tab not being remembered after saving to ZCFG.
  • Fixed bug with XML settings (e.g. channel title) being carried across different configurations.

Version 6.0.1011 (4 Mar 2009)

  • Fixed bug in Dreamweaver Extension which caused an "unable to launch" error message. This caused the Extension to fail on computers without the VC8 runtime library.
  • Improved tolerance of invalid HTML and parsing of inline JavaScripts (such as onClick, onHover, etc.). This addresses issues with build V6.0.1010 where users found that many pages with HTML errors would be skipped.
  • Improved warning messages regarding broken HTML code to help users track down what to correct on their web pages.
  • Server-side Statistics PHP script have now been updated to support PHP 4.2 or later.
  • Added support for "cross submits" with XML sitemap output (aka Google Sitemaps).
  • Fixed bug in JavaScript version when searching with blank query and custom meta search fields and "match all keywords" selected.
  • Fixed bug in CGI and .NET versions for Custom Meta text field with "Partial (substring) text matching" which was incorrectly matching results.
  • Fixed bug in CGI and .NET versions which caused entities (e.g. """) to appear in the titles when Highlighting is enabled and the Hash character is enabled in word join rules.
  • Fixed bug in CGI and .NET versions which sometimes failed to highlight the matched word in the title and description when stemming is enabled.
  • Fixed bug with not being able to show Broken Links in the Log window when "Broken Links" is not checked at the start of indexing.
  • Fixed bugs with the counters for Warnings and Broken Links not being cleared when starting a new index session.
  • Fixed bug with console mode output being buffered when stdout is redirected.
  • Fixed bug with incremental indexing options when called from the command-line (e.g. "-addstartpts") which results in a corrupted set of index files.
  • Added URL to "Max. number of words to index" error message.

Version 6.0.1010 (20 Feb 2009)

  • New V6 Dreamweaver Extension released!
  • Improved "View or Delete pages from existing index" function to use much less memory. Also fixed bug which caused a crash when this function did not have enough memory on your machine.
  • Fixed bug with exact phrase matching. This caused some exact phrase searches to not return some pages that they can be found on.
  • Fixed bug with not indexing meta content from PDF files with no actual body content.
  • Fixed bug with onClick= JavaScript in link tags causing HTML source code to be indexed and appearing in the context descriptions.
  • Fixed bug with indexing ALT text for images. This caused images to have the wrong ALT text depending on where they are on the page.
  • Fixed bugs with automatic form login not finding the right tags when attempting to work out what fields need to be populated.
  • Fixed bug with being stuck on the "Advanced" panel of the Configuration tab, when "Use custom script path" is enabled and a blank (or invalid) folder is specified.
  • Fixed CGI bug with multiple context fragments overlapping and/or repeating in one search result.
  • Fixed CGI bug with Custom Meta "dropdown" fields, failing to recognize a blank value.
  • Fixed bug with loading in ZCFG files from V3 or earlier which resulted in a blank configuration screen.
  • Fixed bug with context description appearing when an empty search is made (with Custom Meta Fields enabled).
  • Fixed crash bug when attempting to use Incremental Indexing features on a set of index files that was not created by the same ZCFG file, and has different start point settings.
  • Added "Spidering" thread status on the "Status" tab.
  • Fixed bug with some Limits messages appearing in Console Mode.
  • Fixed bug when Categories are enabled but no categeories are defined, causing script errors. (e.g. "array_fill" error)
  • Fixed bug in JavaScript version with highlighting within Acrobat Reader when a PDF file extension is in uppercase.

Version 6.0.1009 (6 Feb 2009)

  • Improved Categories support. Index format was restructured to allow for a much greater number of categories when "Allow searching in multiple categories" is enabled. There is now no fixed limit for the number of categories.
  • Fixed bug with Categories when "Allow searching in multiple categories" is disabled, it was also no longer possible for a page to belong to multiple categories.
  • Fixed bug with category order not being applied until configuration is saved.
  • Fixed bug with importing V5 config files where file extensions with thumbnail settings are imported as file type "HTML page".
  • Fixed bug with following links in JavaScript even when start point is set to "Index only".
  • Added instructions for entering license key.
  • Fixed bug with "Append date to log file" option not being saved to ZCFG file.
  • Fixed bug with creating extraneous indexlog files with certain log settings.
  • Fixed bug with log files being deleted when switching configurations.
  • Added a "temp" folder for log files, etc.
  • Added function to delete old temporary log files.
  • Added a "Copied search script to: ..." message.
  • Added support for "filename*=" syntax in HTTP Content-Disposition headers.
  • Fixed bugs with Offline Mode not indexing or processing titles, meta descriptions and keywords.
  • Fixed bug with Indexer taking an unnecessarily long time to scan a file when a ZOOMSTOPFOLLOW tag is on the page but no matching ZOOMRESTARTFOLLOW tag could be found.
  • Fixed French Stemming issues (CGI and ASP.NET only).
  • Fixed bugs in ASP script causing a runtime error when certain exact phrase searches are made. This bug also caused exact phrase searches to return more pages than expected with incorrect descriptions.
  • Fixed bug in CGI and ASP.NET, when performing a Custom Meta Field search with a blank main query (zoom_query) and "match all search words" is selected.
  • Fixed crash bug in CGI when highlighting very long words (up to or over 70 characters) such as filenames.

Version 6.0.1008 (23 Jan 2009)

  • Added PHP4 support!
    Zoom V6 was originally released for PHP5.0+ only as PHP4 has been discontinued by the developers of PHP. But due to significant demand from our users, we have decided to rewrite portions of the PHP script so that we can retain PHP4 compatibility. As of this build, Zoom V6 will now support PHP4 again (as well as PHP5 of course).
  • Fixed crash bugs in 64-bit version of the Indexer.
  • Fixed bug on XP where some characters (such as "&raquo") causes a page to be truncated for indexing.
  • Fixed bug with indexing files served with an "application/x-msdownload" content type being skipped as an unsupported file type instead of "Binary file".
  • Fixed bug with "Only index filename of ZIP archive" option not working in Offline Mode.
  • Fixed bug with indexing .DESC files for ZIP files and EXE files in Spider Mode.
  • Fixed bug with "Files indexed" count on the Status tab being stuck on zero when there is a large number of Recommended Links.
  • Fixed bug with indexing start URLs containing port 80 in the address (e.g. "http://myserver:80/").
  • Fixed PHP script bug not displaying the "Recommended Links" heading and causing an "Undefined variable: STR_RECOMMENDED" error message.
  • Fixed ASP.NET Server Control bug which did not allow you to "Refine your search by category".

Version 6.0.1007 (20 Jan 2009)

  • Fixed bug in build 6.0.1006 which caused several Configuration panels to not apply any setting changes.
  • Fixed bug with "Your Indexer configuration has changed" message being prompted after indexing with multiple start points (despite no configuration changes being made).
  • Added support for Greek accent characters in the Accent Insensitivity option.

Version 6.0.1006 (19 Jan 2009)

  • Fixed bug with being stuck on ASP.NET platform selection until CGI is selected.
  • Fixed bug with ASP.NET Server Control not handling UTF-8 encoding correctly.
  • Fixed bug with CGI not using the Link Back URL setting in the generated search box.
  • Fixed bug with "Parse for links in JavaScript code" option causing the spider to be unnecessarily slow when indexing pages with particular JavaScripts.
  • Optimized the "Additional Start URL" window in Spider Mode to handle a large number of start points much more efficiently. This improves the speed of importing significantly.
  • Added a menu item to "Open 'Extras' folder" under "Tools".
  • Added a duplicate count for start points imported.
  • Fixed bug with not indexing filesizes for "Binary files (filename only)" file types.
  • Fixed bug with a negative number being reported for "Files indexed" on the Status tab and the Index Summary.
  • Improved error checking for the validity of ZCFG files and better error messages
  • Changed XML output of CGI to omit highlight tags.
  • Fixed bug with Indexer window title not updating the currently loaded configuration filename after "Save configuration As".
  • Fixed bugs in PHP causing "Notice: Undefined offset:" messages. Note that these are only visible if you have E_NOTICE enabled for PHP on your server.

Version 6.0.1005 (13 Jan 2009)

  • Fixed critical bug in CGI with handling long meta descriptions and long custom meta text field values.
  • Fixed bug in PHP, ASP and CGI with filesizes being reported incorrectly.
  • Fixed startup problem when running in VMware environments.
  • Fixed bug with retrieving numeric Custom Meta Field values from .DESC files.
  • Fixed bug with some larger PDF files failing to be indexed due to a plugin execution timeout.
  • Fixed bug with Indexer stalling indefinitely when Max Pages limit is set to 1 and there is more than 1 start point to index.
  • Fixed bug with URLs missing when using "Incremental Indexing" or the "Manage Existing Index" function.
  • Fixed bug with recommended links appearing in sitemap.
  • Changed "Files indexed" reported on the Status tab and in the Index Summary to exclude Recommended Links.
  • Fixed bug with XHTML validation with an unclosed img tag.
  • Fixed bug in CGI with XML output "startIndex" value being off by 1 for page 2 or later.
  • Fixed bug in CGI with XML output omitting meta descriptions.
  • Fixed bug in CGI which broke the "Results Linking" options which allow result links to be opened in a new window or frame.
  • Fixed bug in PHP script with substring matching. This affected users with the "Substring match for all searches" option enabled and/or Custom Meta Fields with a Text data type that is set to match using "Partial (substring) text match".

Version 6.0.1003 (22 Dec 2008)

  • Fixed bug causing Skip pages, Skip words and Content Filter lists to be lost from a configuration file, at random, but only rarely, upon a configuration save.

Version 6.0.1002 (19 Dec 2008)

  • Fixed crash bug when using Incremental Update when using multiple download threads.
  • Fixed bug with not counting file extensions in the Index Summary for files which were downloaded via a server-side script.
  • Fixed bug with allowing user to enter in too many categories when multiple categories are enabled or vice versa.
  • Added instructions / help page for entering license keys
  • Updated PHP script with information on server requirements making PHP5 a requirement (and dropping PHP4 support).
  • Worked around a problem with PHP parsing of the search.php script. The error was "Parse error, unexpected T_STRING)...". This was only a problem with some releases of PHP5. But it had the secondary effect of causing a totally blank results page on some servers.

Version 6.0.1001 (18 Dec 2008)

  • All users of V6.0.1000 should update to this build (V6.0.1001). This addresses an important bug with the license key system.

Version 6.0 released! (17 December 2008)

Version 6.0 takes Zoom to the next level of easy to implement, website and CD searching with enterprise-level features. Many new features have been added and existing ones improved, based on feedback from our active user community. We have also worked hard to improve performance and flexibility, while maintaining the user friendly and intuitive design that is users have come to expect from previous versions of Zoom Search Engine.

Some of the new features in V6 include:

  • New User Interface: We've given the UI an overhaul and in its place is a more intuitive and flexible design. The old configuration window is gone, in its place is the main "Configure" tab where you will find a list of buttons to the left to select different options. Note that you can scroll up and down through this list.
  • Log window with real-time filtering: You can now filter index log messages on the fly which should be helpful when tracking down error messages, skip reasons, and broken links.
  • New Search Ranking Algorithm: The ranking algorithm and index structure have gone through some major improvements. This should produce much more relevant results than before and also allow you greater control of your search results. This includes preference given to words that are found closer together on the same page, and more.
  • Faster exact phrase searches: There can be an improvement from at least 5% to 60% in search time for exact phrase matches depending on the query and content.
  • Stemming: This allows searches to match words which are similar or derivatives of each other. This addresses an often requested feature to match plural form of words to their singular forms. When this feature is enabled, a search for the word "boat" will match "boats" and "boating".
  • ASP.NET Server Control: There is now a native ASP.NET platform option. This provides performance similar to the CGI version and is best suited to integrating with ASP.NET web sites.
  • Office 2007 plugin: You can now index and search Office 2007 file formats (e.g. DOCX, PPTX, XLSX)
  • Improved Vista support: V6.0 is designed with Vista in mind, and features better compatibility with UAC (User Access Control, folder permissions, etc.).
  • Advanced Template options: While your existing search templates from V5 will work in V6, we now also support advanced options so you can customize the appearance of your search results without having to modify the scripting.
  • Custom Meta Fields: specify arbitrary meta fields to be indexed and made search-able. For example, index and search on a real estate website, by "Number of bedrooms", "Suburb", "Price", "Property type", etc. This is a big feature as it effectively means you can build simple custom databases with a multi criteria search using Zoom without actually having a database.
  • Improved highlighting in context descriptions: The highlighting in context descriptions has been improved such that words matching due to stemming, synonyms, or accent insensitivity options enabled can be highlighted.
  • Indexing ZIP files: You can now index ZIP files and their contents. Each file stored within a ZIP file can be extracted/uncompressed and indexed independently. See "ZIP file support" for more information.
  • Indexing ZIP files: You can now index ZIP files and their contents. Each file stored within a ZIP file can be extracted/uncompressed and indexed independently.
  • Automatic form login: This will attempt to login to a website requiring cookie-based authentication with the given login details.
  • Wildcards in Skip Pages list: With V6, you can now use the "*" wildcard in the skip pages list to specify the URL's and folder paths you wish to exclude from your index.
  • ... many other bug fixes and improvements based on users' requests and beta testers feedback.


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