Gift iconThis product has been discontinued.

The demand for an offline web server has diminished in recent years with increasing connectivity and Internet access available in most situations.

The following pages are preserved here to provide support for existing users.

FlyingAnt Server

FlyingAnt Server is lightweight cross-platform CD/DVD web server. It is designed to be used together with Zoom Search Engine to create CD's with powerful search functionality.

Latest Version: 1.0 Build: 1012 (19/Feb/2015)

Free To Use Key:

FlyingAnt Server V1 License Key
User: Flying Ant
Key : E4C7LC-01DV2C-WF4DX1-849EH0


By using FlyingAnt CD Web Server in conjunction with Zoom Search Engine you can,

  • Add search functionality to your CD/DVD
  • Search thousands of documents in seconds on CD.
  • Search the contents of HTML, Word, XLS, PDF files and more on CD
  • Serve files from a CD, DVD or USB drive to a browser.

In addition to this the FlyingAnt Server,

  • Is Lightweight, uses very little system resources when running
  • Is cross-platform compatible, the same CD can run on Linux, Mac OSX and Windows systems.
  • Is fast to start up and doesn't require files to be installed on hard disk.
  • Can auto-run the CD when the OS allows.

Typical Uses

Product catalogues
Publish your product catalogue on CD and allow your customers and sales agents to search your product range without being connected to the internet.

Reference documents & technical documents on CD / DVD
Publish your reference documents on a CD or DVD. Allow customers to search through vast quantities of information from their desktop. Search gigabytes of data in seconds without the need for a network connection or installation of software on the PC.

Selecting the best search for your CD/DVD

Zoom Search Engine offers several ways to add search to your CD/DVD, combining FlyingAnt with Zoom allows for the most powerful, full featured and user-friendly search however this may be more then you need. To find out if FlyingAnt Server is really what you want visit this page to learn more about the different search options.


The FlyingAnt Server + Zoom Search Engine take less than 2MB on your CD and use 5MB of RAM when running. Up to 8GB of documents (a full dual layer DVD) can be searched in under 5 seconds.

Limitations in the free download

The free download with display a message, "FlyingAnt server demo" in the top left corner of each HTML page served. After purchasing the software you enter the license key in the config file to remove this message.

Steps to creating a CD/DVD

  1. Download FlyingAnt Server Framework.
  2. Replace the example content with your own documents.
  3. Create an Index of your files with Zoom Search Engine.
  4. Update the icon and readme files.
  5. Edit CD configuration files.
  6. Create an ISO file of the CD contents.
  7. Burn the ISO file to disc using a CD/DVD burning package (eg. Nero)
  8. Test the CD works on your target platforms.