Zoom Search Engine FAQ - Troubleshooting ASP

Q. My search page is not rendering and is timing out (ASP version)

You most likely have Norton Anti-Virus (or other anti-virus software) running with the "Script blocking" feature. This prevents the ASP script from accessing the file system (crashing IIS), and can be fixed by simply disabling the feature in your anti-virus software.

More information about this issue is available here (with instructions). Microsoft Knowledge Base article regarding this can also be found here.

Q. VBScript error "800a01ad - Can't create object 'ADODB.Stream'"

This is probably because your server has an old version of MDAC installed. Make sure you have MDAC 2.8 or later installed on your web server. Be sure to reboot the server after installing the new version.

This has also been reported as a known issue after installing SP1 on Windows 2003. In this case, make sure the server has been rebooted after the SP1 installation.

Microsoft also provides a MDAC Component Checker to assist in diagnosing issues related to this problem on your web server. Click on the above link for more information.

Q. VBScript error "800a03ea - Syntax Error"

If you get an error message regarding a syntax error on the line "set regExp = New RegExp", then this is most likely because your web server does not have VBScript 5.0 or later installed (required for Regular Expression support).

The latest version of VBScript can be downloaded from Microsoft here. Make sure to reboot your server after making the upgrade.

Q. VBScript error "8002801d - Library not registered"

There are a number of possible problems with your IIS setup, which may cause this error.

First of all, this error may be caused by an old VBScript/MDAC install (you need at least VBScript 5.5 or later and MDAC 2.8 or later) or corrupt registry information for ASP and IIS. More information (with solutions) about this issue is available from the Microsoft Knowledge Base article available here.

Before performing any changes recommended by Microsoft however, please check the following first:

  • If you have only recently updated VBScript or MDAC (or other changes to IIS), make sure you have rebooted your server
  • Did you recently install Crystal Report 8.0? Crystal Report make registry changes which cause library problems for other ASP scripts, more information from Microsoft here.

Second thing to check, if you recently upgraded IE on your web server (or applied Windows Updates), you may find that certain security policy changes have taken effect, causing a permissions issue with the RegExp object's TypeLib key. A quick fix for this would be to make a registry change (please consult your server administrator before applying this change). Locate the following key in regedit:


Right click and select "Permissions". Select the web user account (usually "IUSR_MACHINENAME"), and enable "Full Control" for that user. If you continue to have problems, and have confirmed that the permissions are correct, try downloading and reinstalling the WSH (Windows Script Host) from MSDN here.

Q. VBScript error "800a0411 - Name redefined"

If you get this error message, it is most likely because you have embedded the search script within your own ASP page either using #include or something similar to what is described here.

This error means that a variable name used in the search script is conflicting with a variable used in your own ASP script. The actual conflict is usually because of the variables which are declared explicitly (the list of Dim'ed variables you see at the top of search.asp) so that the search script will run on servers with "Option Explicit" enabled. To fix this problem, you can either rename the variables in your own script OR simply remove the declaration (or "Dim") line for the affected variable in the search script. However, we do recommend that you only attempt this if you are familiar with ASP scripting.

Q. VBScript error "0x800A139A - Unexpected quantifier", when using exact phrase searching

These errors are due to your web server running an old version of VBScript.

Zoom requires VBScript 5.5 or later and MDAC 2.8 or later to be installed on your web server, for the ASP platform option. Click the above links to download from Microsoft and install them on your web-server. If you are unable to do so, consult your web host.

If for some reason you can not install VBScript 5.5 or later, and you have VBScript 5.1, you may still be able to run the script and avoid this error by disabling "exact phrase matching".

Q. "Error: Page number too big. Make sure ALL index files are updated."

This error indicates that you have a corrupt or inconsistent set of index files. The most common reasons are as follows:

  • You uploaded the search files using a program other than Zoom, and the files were uploaded in FTP ASCII mode rather than BINARY mode as required.
  • You did not upload all the "Required Files" listed at the end of indexing. Again, this would not happen if you use Zoom to upload the files.
  • You have a mix of index files from a previous indexing session and the latest indexing session as a result of the above.
  • You have modified the search script code in either "search.asp" or "settings.asp". Revert to the original generated scripts and try again.
  • There is a disk error on the server and the files are corrupted.

In most cases, the typical solution is to delete the set of index files on the server, re-index and re-upload them properly.

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