Zoom Search Engine FAQ - Troubleshooting FastCGI

Q.Can I use FastCGI with Zoom?


Advantages of FastCGI

Massive increases in search speed as a result of advanced caching and the removal of disk access. Search times of 0.2 seconds for over 15 million documents (depending on hardware used).

Disadvantages of FastCGI

  • Significantly more RAM is required in the server, and the RAM is held in use over a longer period of time.
  • Initial setup is more complex than CGI (which can already be complex on some servers)
  • Slightly more ongoing maintenance is required.
  • The update of the index can be more complex.
  • Much higher level of technical expertise required.

The implementation of FastCGI only really makes sense on dedicated servers with a custom install. If you are interested, contact us for more information about FastCGI and dedicated appliances.

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