Zoom Search Engine FAQ - CGI build for Sun Sparc Solaris

Sun logoThe Zoom search engine supports several different scripting options, ASP, PHP, Javascript and CGI. Out of these the CGI option is the most resource efficient and the fastest excuting because it was written in C++ and compiled to a binary executable. Previously we only provided CGI support for Windows, Linux and BSD Unix. But now we are also making available a CGI search module for Sun Solaris.

Small download icon Download search.cgi (V5 only) for Solaris (81 KB) 

(Last Updated: 25/Jun/2007)


Solaris logoSupported configurations are, 64bit UltraSPARC-IIi CPU and above. Solaris 10 with Apache web server. We did most of our testing on a Sun Ultra 5 machine but the binary should be compatible across the entire 64bit Sun Sparc range.

Currently, we ONLY support Solaris CGI with V5 of Zoom (which you can download on this page under "Old software downloads")

No other versions of Zoom support the Solaris CGI. However, you can use the PHP option with any version on any Solaris server that has PHP enabled.


Use Zoom as normal to create a set of index files, but follow these steps to set up your CGI on Sun:

  • [IMPORTANT*] Select the search platform on the Zoom Indexer main window as CGI (it does not matter if you choose Windows, Linux or BSD). Index it as per your configuration.
  • Upon successful completion of the indexing, there will be a search.cgi file in the output directory of your Zoom Indexer. This CGI must be discarded and replaced with the CGI for Sparc Solaris.
  • Download the CGI build for Sparc Solaris.
  • Unzip the "search.cgi" file from the above download to the output directory, and use it to overwrite the "search.cgi" file created by Zoom.
  • Upload or copy the required files (as listed in Zoom at the end of indexing - search.cgi, and all ZDAT files in the output directory) to the "cgi-bin" directory on your Solaris server.
  • Launch your web-browser and test it. For example:

Q. I did the above steps but it did not work...

Please refer to our "Troubleshooting CGI" FAQ page for some commonly encountered issues.

*Note that structure of a set index files differ across each platform. Index files generated for PHP, ASP or JavaScript are not compatible with CGI.


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