Zoom - Scheduling Automatic Indexing


You can setup Zoom to automatically index your site, upload the files, or generate statistical reports on a regular basis using the Windows Task Scheduler.

First, you need to make sure that your current indexing configurations are correct, and that you have these settings saved in a (.zcfg) configuration file. Make sure that the saved settings in this file will successfully index your site to your liking.

If you have checked that your saved configuration is suitable for scheduling to run unsupervised, you can then open the Windows Task Scheduler by typing "Task Scheduler" in the Windows Taskbar, or by browsing to "Control Panel"->"System and Security"->"Administrative Tools".

Under "Actions", select "Create Basic Task".

You can name the task (e.g. "Zoom scheduled indexing for MySite.com") then specify a trigger (e.g. "Weekly") and time then specify the action to "Start a program".

Under Program/script, you can then browse to the installed location of "ZoomIndexer.exe", e.g. "C:\Program Files\Zoom Search Engine 8.0\ZoomIndexer.exe".

Under "Add arguments (optional)", you need to enter the command-line parameters as detailed in the previous chapter.

For example, if you are scheduling a spider mode indexing task you would enter something like the following (path to .zcfg file would depend on where your configuration is saved):

-s "C:\MySite\mysite.zcfg"

The Zoom Scheduler window

Click "OK" and "Finish" to create the task.

Click on the "Task Scheduler Library" folder in the tree view on the left side of the Window. You will now find your scheduled task listed (probably towards the bottom of the list).

Adding new schedule task to index the site in spider mode. Note that you must specify a username and password .

To test the task you can select the item and click "Run".

Troubleshooting Scheduled Task

If your scheduled task does not appear to be running correctly, you should configure Zoom to save the index log file to disk. You can do this under "Configure"->"Index Log"->"Save index log file to disk" (see "Index log" for more information). This will allow you to examine what happened on each scheduled execution.

Note that you may need to specify a user account for the task to run. Click on "Properties" for the scheduled task to do this.

More information on the Windows Task Scheduler can be found in Windows Help.

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