How Zoom works - Search Statistic Reports

This feature is currently for Windows only.

It is currently not available in the Mac and Linux version.

However, Mac and Linux users can still use the PHP statistics report script which allows you to generate on-the-fly search reports with bar graphs directly on the web server. This can be found under "Tools"->"Open 'Extras' folder" and copying the "report.php" script to the same folder as the log file.

You can record the searches made on your website into a log file with Zoom. You can then use Zoom to create pie-chart and bar graphs such as "Top 10 searches of the month", and more.

Zoom records all searches made on your website in a detalied log file on your server.

Tour log file
Tour Statistics dialog

Using Zoom's Search Statistics feature, you can load in the log file, and create reports such as: "Top 10 search phrases", "Top 10 no result search phrases", or "searches per day, week, or month" over any date range you like

All reports generated are comprised of HTML and GIF images, so you can easily put them online, use them in your presentations, or file them away for your own records.

Tour reports