About Zoom CGI Search Engine

Zoom Search Engine - PHP search engine, ASP search engine, JavaScript search engine, Windows indexer, spider indexing, offline indexing,  easy to use, free search engineZoom provides an enterprise-scale searching solution with the introduction of the high performance CGI option.

This is a native C/C++ binary which provides the fastest and most efficient method of searching available, as it is a standalone searching component, without any of the overhead of interpretive scripting such as PHP, ASP or JavaScript.

This option is ideal for any Apache or IIS web server running on Windows, Linux or BSD (and now Sun Sparc). You must also have CGI executable permissions on the web server.

Zoom is an easy to use, self-contained solution, that provides efficient and powerful searching features with:

  • No external web service required
  • No complicated database setup procedure
  • No third-party database requirements such as MySQL, Postgres, etc.
  • No migration issues (simply copy the files to another machine and it will work)
  • No advertising or banners

Multiple platforms supported in one packageYou can select the CGI option by simply selecting the radio button in Zoom before indexing. Other web server OS are supported, such as "CGI/Win32" and "CGI/BSD".

If you do not have CGI executable permissions on your server, check if you can run the PHP or ASP options. If you are considering an offline solution (such as searching on a CD-ROM), you can still use Zoom with the JavaScript option. There are also alternative methods to run the CGI version on a CD or DVD without a web server.

System Requirements for Zoom CGI search engine

To index your website, you will require a computer that is

  • Either a Windows PC or Mac (or a Linux server)
  • With at least 128 MB of memory (more memory is required to index larger sites)
  • And at least 50 megabytes of available disk space

To host and offer online searching using CGI, you will need:

  • Web server with CGI executable permissions
  • Web server running on either Windows, Linux, or BSD
  • Server-side write permissions for logging of search results (optional)

Other platform options supported

Zoom can also search on the following platforms, at the click of a button:

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