Zoom JavaScript search for CD or DVD

Zoom Search Engine - PHP search engine, ASP search engine, JavaScript search engine, Windows indexer, spider indexing, offline indexing,  easy to use, free search engineZoom allows you to add a JavaScript based search engine to your CD-ROM or DVD-ROM distribution.

This option utilises client-side scripting and is recommended for CD-ROMs or any offline distribution where a web-server is not available.

This is the easiest way to add a search engine that:

  • Does not require a web-server
  • Does not require any additional software to be installed
  • Runs completely offline and does not require a connection to the Internet
  • Runs on Windows, Macs, and Linux, in most browsers*
  • Is royalty-free and allows you to distribute an unlimited number of CDs or DVDs with the search function created with Zoom.

Screen JS selectedYou can select the JavaScript option by simply selecting the radio button in Zoom before indexing. The one Zoom package supports all five options.

The JavaScript option does not require a web-server, or any server-side processing and can run on any modern browser with Javascript support*.

If you are adding a search engine to a website which is hosted on a web server, you should use Zoom with either the PHP, ASP, or CGI search options.

If your CD/DVD contains too much searchable content for the Javascript option, (eg. over 30,000 files), you should take a look at our FAQ regarding alternative solutions which allow you to run the CGI search option without a web server.

System Requirements for Javascript Zoom

For indexing your website, you will require a computer with that meets the Zoom system requirements.

Other platform options supported

Zoom can also search on the following platforms, at the click of a button:

  • PHP search option for server-side searching (hosting a web site or local Intranet) on an Apache or IIS server with PHP support.
  • ASP search option for server-side searching on most IIS servers with ASP support.
  • ASP.NET search option for server-side searching on .NET based websites.
  • CGI search option for high performance, enterprise-scale searching. Server-side, but some solutions exist which allow it to run off a CD or DVD without a server.

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