Zoom Search Engine FAQ - Sales & License key related

Q. My license key doesn't work?

After purchasing the software a license key is sent out via E-mail. This license key needs to be entered into the Zoom software (under the help menu).

When entering a license key, copy and paste the license key from the E-mail. Doing a copy and paste will avoid the possibility of a typing mistake.

For help with entering your license key, see this page with step-by-step instructions.

License keys purchased for V4, V5 or V6 of the software will not work in V7 of the software and visa versa. So check the software version matches the key you purchased. If you have an old V4, V5 or V6 license key, you can upgrade to V7 or you can continue to use V4 of Zoom, the V5 of Zoom, or V6 of Zoom.

Q. Are there shipping/delivery costs for the Pro or Enterprise Editions?

There is no shipping cost as the software is delivered by download from our web site. You will be e-mailed a license upgrade key, which can be entered into the Free Edition application downloaded from our website. You will not be required to re-install the package.

Q. Is there an annual subscriptions to use the software?

No. It is one off purchase for the software. You can use the version of the software that was purchased without additional payment, nor a time limit.

Q. How does support & maintanence work?

Free E-mail, forum and phone support (during our business hours) is provided for a 12 month period after a purchase.

All minor upgrades are free. (For example V7.0 to V7.1)

All major upgrades are while your license is within it's support period. All full version licenses come with 6 months of support. Additional support can be purchased by logging in via the PassMark site, simply find your Zoom order under 'Manage my products' and select 'Renew support'. Otherwise the optional major upgrade is offered at a discount.

Q. How do I upgrade to the latest version?

For details about free or discounted upgrades see our upgrade page.

Q. What are the licensing policies for Zoom?
Q. Can I index multiple sites with one license of Zoom Pro or Enterprise?
Q. I've lost my license key, how can I get it back?

A license is required for each copy of the Zoom Indexer application installed on a computer (Professional and Enterprise Editions only). The free edition is free and can be installed as many times as you want.

However, each installed copy of the Indexer can be used to create and maintain multiple search engines, for different sites.

So if you manage 5 different websites and index all of these sites from the same computer (with one installation of Zoom Indexer), then you will only need one license.

But if each of these websites will be indexed from different computers (eg. the clients you are designing the websites for will want to be indexing the site from their own computers), then you will need multiple copies of Zoom Indexer for each computer, and a license per Indexer.

You can also distribute the search files generated by the Indexer on an unlimited number of CDs and DVDs. There are no royalty fees for distributing the search files generated. However, you must retain the copyright information within the search scripts.

If you need to move the indexer part of the software between computers, then you should uninstall it on the old machine and install it on the new machine. There is no limit to the number of times you can move the software between machines. You will need to re-enter your license key on the new machine.

If you have lost your license key, you can get it back by logging in to the PassMark site using the same email that was used to purchase the license, and going to your order history.

What happened to Zoom Search Engine for MAC?

PassMark Software have discontinued development on the MAC Version of the Zoom Search Engine. Low sales paired with frequent and forced OS updates made managing the software very challenging. We will, however, continue support for our active customers with the MAC version.

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